Simplifya Expands Service Offering with Newly Launched RegFinder and Hemp License Tracking Services

New Comprehensive, Searchable Regulatory and License Tracking Databases Arm Cannabis-Related Businesses with Easy Access to Real-Time Information

DENVER, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simplifya, the leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform serving the cannabis industry, announced that it has launched a searchable database of cannabis regulations across the U.S., known as RegFinder. The company has also expanded license tracking capabilities within its Simplifya Verified platform, adding coverage of 25,000 active hemp licenses.

RegFinder is the most comprehensive regulatory database for the cannabis industry. Getting a complete picture of a given state’s cannabis regulations can be difficult, as many states’ cannabis regulations are found across multiple sources due to different departments having their own rules. In addition to this, the regulations are not always available in an easily searchable format. RegFinder makes it easy for operators, lawyers and others who reference regulations to access differing cannabis regulations for each state in a single, easily searchable database. Users can also compare regulations from state-to-state, especially useful for multi-state operators or those looking to enter a new state.

In addition to the launch of RegFinder, Simplifya has announced an expansion to Simplifya Verified. The service streamlines the process of locating cannabis and hemp licenses, and organizes the disparate information into a single, user-friendly app with unlimited search flexibility. The database is updated daily, saving time when compared to the standard process of combing through state agency websites, many of which are difficult to navigate and display information in different formats from state to state. Altogether, Simplifya Verified tracks over 90,000 licenses nationwide, and monitors licensing rounds and reviews data from over 100 state agencies. The license tracker can be used in a variety of ways in addition to the app. This includes a monthly monitoring service which analyzes your list of businesses and returns a report with current license status; alternatively, Simplifya can integrate an API into a user’s system to create an automated process.

“The cannabis industry is rife with issues when it comes to finding information scattered across different state agencies, all of whom utilize different processes,” said Marion Mariathasan, Founder and CEO of Simplifya. “This is true of both regulations and licenses. When states don’t record their regulations in a searchable format, locating a specific line within pages upon pages can be unnecessarily difficult. Similarly, tracking licenses can have idiosyncrasies that make the process twice as confusing and time-consuming. An agency might decide to show where the owner lives as opposed to where the business resides. For example, a business located in Colorado might show up in the Texas registry simply because the license owner lives there. The expanded Simplifya Verified and our new product RegFinder are our solutions to save the cannabis industry from wasting this time unnecessarily.”

The launch of the new services comes alongside an infusion of expansion capital of $500,000 from existing shareholders.

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