CodeMonkey unveils exciting New AI Mini-Course, "AI is a Hoot, Pose Detection," in celebration of the global Hour of Code Week-long event this December

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CodeMonkey, a leading educational platform for kids, is thrilled to announce its latest addition to the world of coding education with a brand-new mini course: "AI is a Hoot, Pose Detection." Just in time for the global Hour of Code week-long event (December 4-10, 2023), this innovative course empowers students to embark on the latest break-through technologies - artificial intelligence. To make this course accessible to as many young learners as possible, "AI is a Hoot" is offered as a FREE hour-long course, designed to fit perfectly into the Global Hour of Code week-long event.

Hour of Code is an international movement that reaches tens of millions of students each year in more than 180 countries across the world! With the goal of showing that anyone can learn the basics of coding.

The one-hour "AI is a Hoot" mini-course invites young coders to explore the realm of AI and pose detection through an engaging and interactive experience. In this Game Builder course by CodeMonkey, students are tasked with training an AI model to recognize various poses using their webcam. This cutting-edge technology leverages the distances between key points on the body to detect and respond to different poses.

The course begins with students capturing their own poses, which are then recorded and fed into the AI model's datasets. The result? A playful, hands-on learning experience that lets children train the AI model and ultimately control the actions of an adorable game character - an owl.

"AI is a Hoot" boasts three fantastic poses for students to teach their AI creation: squat, stand, and arms up. As they capture these poses, the owl character responds dynamically. When they squat, the owl shrinks down; standing tall makes it grow back to its charming self, and raising hands high in the air prompts the owl to spring into action with a joyful leap. It's a fun and educational adventure.

One of the primary concerns for parents when it comes to using webcams is the privacy of their children. CodeMonkey assures that children's privacy is of utmost importance, and their commitment to safeguarding it is unwavering. When a child uses the AI widget in the course, images are turned into vectors, and no images are collected or stored, ensuring the security of young learners.

Pose detection, a fundamental concept introduced in this mini-course, involves training an AI model to classify different poses. This field is commonly referred to as pose estimation or pose classification and is a key component of computer vision and machine learning. The applications of pose detection are vast and include human activity recognition, sports analytics, gesture control, and more.

CodeMonkey is proud to offer "AI is a Hoot, Pose Detection" as a unique and fun way for students to explore the fascinating world of AI, and it's an ideal opportunity for students to participate in the Global Hour of Code week-long event. Get ready to have a hoot of a time and unlock the potential of AI with CodeMonkey!

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