Slingshot Brings Operational Data to the Center of Employees’ Most Common Projects and Processes with Ready-to-Use Workflows

New Customizable Templates Feature Pre-Built Data Dashboards, Tasks, Discussions and Pinned Resources to Enable Teams to Visualize Performance and Accelerate Growth

Cranbury, NJ, Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Slingshot, the data-driven work management platform from software company Infragistics that connects everyone you work with to everything they need to get work done, today announced a first-of-its-kind collection of workflow templates that bring organizations’ data to the center of the projects that teams are regularly working on. Slingshot users can now access a library of pre-built processes and data dashboards that bring together everything teams need to manage projects and analyze their real-time performance in one place. Companies can connect Slingshot’s dashboard templates to leading data sources including Google Ads, HubSpot, QuickBooks and Salesforce to quickly generate visual snapshots and make informed decisions with data.

According to the 2023 Digital Trends Report, 72% percent of employees say that they’re most productive when they have all the data and information they need to do their job. But, across many organizations, the data and resources teams need to complete even recurring projects are spread across several systems, channels, and gatekeepers. Employees are left spending most of their time switching between different tools to manually set up projects and understand what others are working on, where conversations happened and where content is stored. As part of this, data is also scattered across the organization and away from teams–keeping them from integrating metrics on performance, processes, and profitability into their daily work.

Slingshot’s new templates are pre-populated with data dashboards, tasks, discussions and pinned resources to enable employees to start their projects, connect data sources and get to work–in seconds. Each workflow is designed for a specific use case to offer teams curated processes and visual representations of their performance to drive data-driven decisions and, ultimately, business growth. Employees can customize existing templates or create their own to streamline daily tasks and regular projects.

Slingshot’s new collection of data-driven project templates is for common projects such as:

  • SEO Management: Slingshot provides the tools teams need to manage their SEO campaigns, visualize performance data, monitor results, and grow website traffic. Teams can connect to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other leading SEO tools to visualize organic traffic, page rankings and other key SEO KPIs into easily digestible charts and graphs via pre-built SEO dashboard templates.
  • PPC Management: Teams can better manage and execute their digital marketing spend and elevate campaign performance. There are four main data dashboards for PPC management: Paid Website Performance, Google Ads Overview, Google Display and Google Search Ads Overview. Slingshot also offers a Google Analytics 4 Dashboard Template to help optimize PPC campaigns in GA4.
  • Product Launch: A pre-built toolkit to plan and execute product launches, so teams can focus on strategy and execution instead of spending time on manual setup. Teams can visualize and view Website Traffic and Leads to evaluate the success and impact of a product launch in real-time and identify areas for improvement.
  • Growth Hacking: This template helps teams to quickly execute growth initiatives that propel their business forward. Teams can track multiple experiments, identify successful strategies, and optimize growth efforts to quickly maximize results.

With Slingshot, teams can bring together analytics from multiple cloud data sources and connect them directly to Slingshot’s data dashboard templates. This includes Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, HubSpot, Marketo, Microsoft CRM, QuickBooks, and Salesforce, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

“Employees cannot manage their work efficiently or effectively unless data is at the center of everything they do. Without a holistic lens into, say, how a campaign is performing or if a product is driving leads teams are flying blind into critical decisions,” said Dean Guida, Founder of Slingshot. “We’re making it easy for teams to bring data into their daily workflows and common projects with our templates, so they can quickly visualize performance and drive results.”

Slingshot’s ability to bring together data into a central location is readying companies for an AI future.


About Slingshot
Slingshot is the data-driven work management platform that connects everyone you work with to everything they need to get work done. The platform streamlines companies’ workplace tech stacks by giving remote, in-person and hybrid teams a single place to collaborate, make data-driven decisions, set goals, share content, and communicate within the context of the projects they’re working on. Slingshot puts an end to the interrupted workflows that result from constant app-switching and places data analytics central to decision-making, helping organizations create data-driven cultures. With clarity on priorities, workload and expectations, teams are empowered to manage their work, no matter where they are. Slingshot is available as a desktop app (Mac and Windows) and mobile app (Apple App Store and Google Play), and can be accessed on any web browser at The platform was built by software company Infragistics.


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