Members Development Company (MDC) Partners With Prizeout Partners CUSO to Help More Credit Unions to Grow, Compete, and Thrive

Now, the entire MDC network of Credit Unions will have access to a proprietary ad technology platform, allowing them to be competitive with product innovation, member support, and increasing their own bottom line

NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, ad-tech leader Prizeout Corp (Prizeout) announced the newest addition to the Prizeout Partners CUSO, Members Development Company (MDC). MDC is a network that accelerates credit union success. Their exclusive credit union community functions as a research-for-development incubator for owners, scanning the horizon, researching the issues, and creating actionable solutions to solve problems for today – and tomorrow. By pooling the resources of 83 credit union and CUSO owners, MDC is able to deliver meaningful solutions efficiently and affordably. While MDC does the heavy lifting, credit union and CUSO owners both will advise and participate in the work as trusted partners.

As part of the CUSO, all of the credit unions in the MDC network will have access to Prizeout’s innovative platform that will help credit unions:

  • Give Their Members More Purchasing Power - through digital gift cards with additional purchasing power ($7.50 average bonus value), members can stretch their dollars further.
  • Help Provide Better Member Engagement - the platform provides an opportunity for credit unions to engage with and further communicate and reach out to their members, fostering stronger relationships.
  • Showcases Innovation - credit unions can now deliver meaningful, innovative, and relevant products to their members, allowing them to compete with the big banks.
  • Increased Non-Interest Income - the platform allows credit unions to increase their non-interest income.
  • Support Local Merchants - the platform gives the credit union a reason to engage with their business accounts, giving them more exposure and keeping money in the community.
  • Open New Business Checking Accounts - the platform is an attractive offer for local businesses that are not yet CU members. Upon signing up, they can be featured on the Prizeout marketplace, which will give them increased exposure and, ultimately, drive more revenue and keep money within the community.

“Our organization is all about providing value to credit unions, specifically in the realm of innovation,” said Jeff Kline, CEO of MDC. “Joining the Prizeout Partners CUSO made perfect sense for us, with the unprecedented value that it will bring to our credit union members. Not only is their technology unmatched in the industry, it’s the one technology that will allow credit unions to compete with the big banks.”

Prizeout’s work with credit unions started in February 2023 with the creation of the Prizeout Partners CUSO, created by and managed by Callahan and Associates. At inception, the CUSO included nine credit unions. Now eight months later, with several credit union organization partnerships and additions to the CUSO, Prizeout is partnered with more than 25 credit unions and community banks nationwide.

“We’re honored to be partnering with such an established organization, to help credit unions grow, be competitive, and financially thrive,” said Prizeout Founder and CEO David Metz. “We’re grateful for MDC’s vision in creating a credit union ecosystem that fosters collaboration, and innovation, and sees the value in what we are providing to credit unions to help them grow financially, be innovative, and competitive, and help their members earn more money.”

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