Devin Burke, Founder of Sleep Science Academy Recognized As One Of The Top Coaches and Consultants of 2023 by USA Today

Devin Burke, Sleep Science Academy founder, professional coach, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author of, “The Sleep Advantage - Optimize Your Night To Win Your Day,” receives recognition as one of the top "game-changers who are not just staying ahead of the curve but actively defining it," according to USA Today.

Deerfield Beach, FL, Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Devin Burke, the founder of Sleep Science Academy was recently featured on USA Today as one of the Top Coaches and Consultants of 2023.  If you're looking for a top-tier insomnia coach, look no further.  Devin has spent many years helping people who can't sleep well get the rest they truly deserve and desire.  

Devin Burke's innovative and natural approach to overcoming insomnia, Dynamic Sleep Recalibration (DSR), achieves an impressive 97% recovery rate for clients who complete the Sleep Science Academy (SSA) program. His holistic science-based approach addresses both mind and body and delivers sustainable lifelong sleep results for those battling chronic insomnia.

A unique component of Burke's Sleep Science Academy program is his 24-hour approach, affirming that insomnia is a round-the-clock struggle necessitating an all-encompassing strategy. And as the author states, "The effectiveness of Burke's methods is indisputable. Sleep Science Academy isn't just about delivering better sleep but enhancing life quality.”

Sleep Science Academy’s Dynamic Sleep Recalibration method incorporates numerous science-based and psychological techniques pulled from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), Mindfulness, NLP, ACT, and many other proven effective sleep modalities. With this wide-ranging approach, SSA's certified Health and Sleep Coaches create individual sleep programming for each client as they guide them through the process of successfully leaving sleepless nights and insomnia in the past.

According to Burke, this uniquely customizable high-touch approach to eliminating insomnia is the Sleep Science Academy Difference and guarantees a successful outcome. They offer a 100% money-back sleep guarantee. 

The first step to recovery can be scary and difficult to take. Devin Burke's Sleep Science Academy makes it easier by providing a complimentary sleep consultation to explore if their approach is a good fit.

Devin's passion for helping others achieve quality rest arises from his own experiences with insomnia and poor sleep. Years of study, research, and training, along with conquering his sleep challenges, give Burke credibility and authenticity when he speaks to others about these issues and helps them increase sleep quality

With his numerous degrees, coaching credentials, and client results, Devin Burke is a genuine leader in the field of sleep.

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