88% of Marketing and Event Professionals Are Using AI — and Reaping the Rewards, Finds Kaltura Report

Even with most AI initiatives relatively early stage, 84% of marketers are already seeing value from new AI tools

New York, NY, Oct. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaltura (Nasdaq: KLTR), the Video Experience Cloud, today released a new report titled “Riding the Wave: 2024 Survey Report on the Use of AI Technologies in Marketing Teams”. Based on a global survey involving hundreds of marketing professionals, the report provides a comprehensive overview of AI’s influence on the marketing and events industry, exploring how they harness AI to enhance their marketing operations. 

The marketing industry has largely embraced AI tools, with 88% of respondents having already adopted or experimented with them, with the remaining 12% planning on experimenting in the near future. 69% of respondents have at least one paid AI service, with 39% having multiple subscriptions. Regardless of the level of adoption, marketing teams see the most significant impact of AI in asset creation and personalization, with content personalization (47%) and content production and creation (44%) being the top areas.

The report found that AI has also made a notable impact on lead generation as well. Among marketers who reported frequent use of AI tools, 25% reported a positive impact on lead-gen.  While only 7% of respondents report being able to attribute leads to AI with certainty. An additional 41% have observed an increase in lead generation that could be attributed to AI.

“We are not even a year into the GenAI revolution, and already 84% of marketing teams are seeing value and are using AI to hyper-personalize their marketing materials and activities in ways that marketers could only have dreamt of merely a few years ago,” said Lisa Bennett, EVP Marketing of Kaltura. “The fact that frequent users of AI tools are reporting measurable impact on key metrics such as content creation and lead-gen this early in the era of AI shows that the true scale of change has yet to be realized. However, it’s critical that we understand how marketers and others are using AI so that we can continue to build tools that best support their growing range of use cases and needs as they navigate the unchartered power of AI.”

Despite the rapid pace of adoption, the perceived value of AI widely varies. While 71% of respondents view AI tools as “somewhat” valuable, 17% currently see little to no value, and 13% see it as a greatly valuable tool.  Interestingly, among marketers who frequently use AI tools, 33% of that demographic view AI as greatly impactful. Additional concerns abound regarding data security and privacy (50%) and the difficulty of integration with existing systems (49%).

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The full report can be accessed here.

Kaltura plans to continue inserting generative AI capabilities into its broad range of products to enhance content creation, search and discovery, interactivity, and analytics reporting. These include, for example, content repurposing along with auto-generation of content and improved insights intended to streamline event creation, grow attendance, boost content discovery and end-user experience, and increase engagement.

Report Methodology: The results of the report were based on a survey conducted in August-September 2023. Participants were composed of marketing and event professionals including including Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Vice Presidents of Marketing (VP Marketing), and Directors of Marketing.  Our survey garnered responses from a total of 500 dedicated full-time employees in companies with over 1,000 employees based in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy.

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