Yamaha Unleashes Next Generation MT-09

Sharper, Purer, More Refined

MARIETTA, Ga., Oct. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA is excited to announce the evolution of its class leading Hyper Naked middleweight, the all-new 2024 Yamaha MT-09. With its bold styling update, more engaged riding position, and enhanced technological and convenience features, its clearly aimed at raising the bar for Hyper Naked performance once again.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Studio

Originally deemed the FZ-09 in the United States, the first MT-09 broke cover in 2013, just one year after the now legendary triple-cylinder CP3 engine was first displayed as a prototype, suspended in an intricate wire frame at the Cologne Motorcycle Show. Over the years, the MT-09 has evolved into one of the most significant and successful models in the Yamaha range, earning its iconic status in Yamaha’s history. As the original Hyper Naked born out of the Dark Side of Japan design concept, the MT-09 has always been the purest of all MT models, with its dark and mysterious aesthetic and raw, thrilling performance leaving a lasting impression on motorcycle enthusiasts around the globe.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Dark Side of Japan

A Decade of the Dark Side of Japan
The introduction of the MT-09 marked a step away from conventional Japanese motorcycle design and introduced a bold, abstract new direction for Yamaha inspired by the unique urban motorcycle sub-culture found on the streets of Japan’s largest cities. Signifying an exciting new era, the MT-09 featured aggressive styling, a chassis designed for light, agile handling and a torque-laden CP3 engine to stimulate the senses. Stripped of unnecessary bodywork, packed neatly into a compact aluminum frame and equipped with Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), the MT was the perfect blend of high performance, cutting-edge technology and purposeful functionality. The Dark Side of Japan was unleashed upon the world.

The new 2024 MT-09 retains the previous model’s winning formula—mating Yamaha’s world-renowned 890cc DOHC inline Triple engine with a lightweight controlled fill die-cast aluminum frame, well-sorted KYB suspension and class-leading standard electronics package—and adds a long list of new features to further enhance the unique and thrilling MT experience.

A Slimmer, Sharper New Look
The MT-09 marks its 10th anniversary with a comprehensive new design intended to amplify the sense of raw power and stripped-back agility. The styling concept behind the MT-09 has always been that of ‘functional beauty’, eliminating unnecessary features and embodying a ‘less is more’ approach. Every detail has been re-considered to reinforce the MT-09’s aggressive look and offer an even more engaging riding experience.

A new LED headlight, shrouded in a redesigned cover, creates a more unified relationship between the front end, updated fuel tank design and tail section. The bi-functional LED projector now features a compact diameter lens module that is both smaller and thinner than the previous model, but still provides a broad, powerful beam. Transparent twin LED position lights complete the MT-09’s more compact, sharp and aggressive face. This theme is continued at the rear with a newly designed LED taillight with a slimmer look and new color layout, along with LED turn signals.

A new fuel tank design is shaped to promote more freedom of movement. Produced using a press molding manufacturing method, the new steel tank has sharper, more defined lines while still maintaining the distinctively modern street aesthetic that has become synonymous with the MT name. The new tank also sits 30mm lower for a more forward-leaning stance.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Chassis

More Engaged Ergonomics
Already renowned for its engaging riding experience, ergonomics on the new 2024 MT-09 are further enhanced allowing the rider to feel more at one with the machine. In order to achieve this, handlebar position is now lower and features two customizable settings. Newly designed footrests sit slightly more rearward and are also adjustable. Combined with the lower fuel tank design, riding position is more dedicated and handlebar steering angle is four degrees greater on each side for a tighter turning radius and excellent low-speed maneuverability. Additionally, the new two-part seat design is slimmer for increased freedom of movement and an easier reach to the ground.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Ergonomics

Larger Five-Inch TFT Display & Updated Switchgear
The new five-inch TFT display is larger than the previous model and provides the rider with a rich, full-color experience along with the option of four different themes to suit specific riding situations or individual preference. The screen is navigated through all-new integrated handlebar switches. Button shape and feel have been extensively refined to provide intuitive operation in a compact, easy-to-use solution.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - TFT Display

Smartphone Connectivity & Navigation
Connectivity now comes standard on the MT-09 via a built-in Communication Control Unit (CCU), meaning riders can stay connected while riding by linking their smartphone to the motorcycle using Yamaha's free Y-Connect app. As well as receiving call and message notifications on the TFT display, a new dimension is added to the ride with the option of taking calls or listening to music through use of an aftermarket Bluetooth headset (not provided). Additionally, full turn-by-turn navigation is available through the Garmin® StreetCross app to make each journey easier. Finally, riders can opt to personalize the TFT display by sending images from their smartphone via the Y-Connect app.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Smartphone Connectivity

New Customizable YRC Ride Modes
New for 2024, MT-09 riders can further customize their riding experience via Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) settings which allow the selection of engine power characteristics and electronic intervention levels to suit conditions or rider preference. For quick, easy selections, three integrated riding modes are programmed with factory settings to suit different situations: SPORT, STREET and RAIN. Additionally, riders can create two custom programs with tailored settings to suit exact preferences. YRC settings can be customized either directly within the TFT display menu or on a smartphone via the Y-Connect app.

New Back Slip Regulator
Adding to the MT-09’s advanced electronics suite, capability is further enhanced for 2024 with the addition of a new Back Slip Regulator (BSR), which uses engine RPM and wheel speed data to reduce rear wheel lock up under engine braking by controlling the level of torque produced. This is especially useful in low-grip situations when it is difficult to activate the slipper clutch. The system can also be turned on or off in the YRC settings menu. With its best-in-class electronic control technology, the MT-09 gives you the ultimate control in varying weather and surface conditions.

Acoustic Amplifier Grilles
The distinctive wail of the MT-09's crossplane Triple powerplant is one of its most defining characteristics. The 2024 MT-09 features a new two-duct intake design with acoustic amplifier grilles located on top of the fuel tank to accentuate high frequency induction sounds, delivering the CP3’s thrilling induction roar directly to the rider for an enhanced sensation of torque and acceleration.

New Brembo Radial Master Cylinder
Stopping power is enhanced by a new Brembo radial master cylinder where the piston moves in a direction parallel to brake lever travel. This sends hydraulic pressure in a linear manner when the rider pulls the lever, delivering excellent controllability. Paired with large 298mm dual front discs, the MT-09 offers outstanding braking performance with finger-tip control. In addition, a new clutch lever provides multiple adjustments to accommodate different preferences and hand sizes.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Master Cylinder

Third-Generation Quickshifter
The 2024 MT-09 is equipped with Yamaha's new third-generation Quick Shift System (QSS), now enabling quick, clutchless upshifts and downshifts under both acceleration and deceleration. QSS has two settings. Setting 1 enables shifting up while accelerating and shifting down when decelerating. Setting 2 expands functionality across a wider range of situations by permitting downshifts while accelerating and upshifts when decelerating. This advanced system makes full-on acceleration more exciting and downshifting faster and smoother with less chassis disruption when changing gears.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Quickshifter

Revised Suspension & Latest Generation Tires
Fully adjustable 41mm KYB inverted front forks run with optimized settings to match increased load on front wheel for a more controlled ride. The adjustable KYB rear shock features revised linkage settings for feeling of traction at the rear. New for 2024, higher spring rates and updated damping characteristics are tuned to accommodate a wider range of speeds and to match new standard fitment Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 tires.

New Cruise Control & Turn Signal Functions
The new cruise control system can be set when riding approximately 25 mph or more in third gear or higher. After speed is set, it can be increased or decreased in increments of 1 mph with a button push, and can be disengaged by using the cruise cancel button, the cruise off button, brake, clutch, shifting gears or moving the throttle past the fully closed position. Intuitive new turn signal functions further enhance the riding experience. A soft click of the indicator switch will flash the turn signals three times, while a full click will flash continuously. Turn signals will also self-cancel after 15 seconds and once the bike has travelled for more than 500 feet.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 - Cruise Control and Turn Signal

Technical Highlights

  • Sharper, more compact looks including re-designed bi-functional LED headlight, fuel tank and tail section
  • More engaged ergonomics including separated seat unit and two-position adjustable handlebar and footpegs
  • Larger five-inch full color TFT display with smartphone connectivity and navigation
  • Customizable riding experience via Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) settings
  • Redesigned intake with Acoustic Amplifier Grilles
  • Latest 890cc, three-cylinder, four-valve DOHC liquid-cooled, CP3 engine
  • Six-axis IMU with full suite of lean sensitive rider aids
  • New Back Slip Regulator
  • High-performance adjustable KYB suspension
  • Lightweight controlled fill aluminum die-cast frame
  • Lightweight SpinForged wheels
  • New third-generation quickshifter
  • New Brembo radial master cylinder
  • New cruise control
  • New self-canceling turn signals
  • Adjustable brake and clutch levers
  • New under-seat USB Type C socket
  • New Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 tires

Colors, Availability & Price
The new 2024 Yamaha MT-09 will be available in either Team Yamaha Blue, Midnight Cyan or Matte Raven Black, arriving to dealers in March 2024 for $10,599 MSRP.

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