Burnbrae Farms unveils two new sustainable shell egg offerings, produced using 100 percent clean solar energy

Generated from Burnbrae’s solar-powered farm, the new offerings are among the most energy efficient eggs available in Canada

Burnbrae Farms

LYN, Ontario, Nov. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Burnbrae Farms, Canada’s leading family-owned and operated egg company, is proud to launch two new specialty products: Naturegg Solar Free Range and Naturegg Omega Plus Solar Free Range eggs, offering Canadians even more nutritious and sustainable options in their grocery stores.

Produced in Woodstock, Ontario at Burnbrae’s solar-powered farm equipped with high-efficiency motors, lighting and ventilation, these new specialty offerings are another step towards the company’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Tracking its carbon footprint since 2018, Burnbrae Farms is continuing to focus on making an even greater impact, with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and electricity consumption across its farms.

Burnbrae Farms

“At Burnbrae Farms, we recognize that a lot goes into a little,” said Margaret Hudson, President and CEO, Burnbrae Farms. “As the largest family-owned and operated egg business in Canada, our mission is to produce healthy, great tasting eggs and egg products while respecting the environment, people and animals in our care. Our Naturegg Solar Free Range products reflect our sustainable and responsible farming practices, our family values, and our commitment to nourishing Canadian communities from coast to coast.”

The new offerings come from free range hens that are housed in open-concept barns with access to the outdoors and are fed a diet of wholesome ingredients and whole grains. While all Burnbrae Farms eggs provide a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals, the Naturegg Omega Plus Solar Free Range eggs also have an additional source of DHA omega-3 fatty acids and lutein to promote brain, heart, immune system and eye health.

Naturegg Omega Plus Solar Free Range and Naturegg Solar Free Range eggs are available in the eggs section of select grocery stores across Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

About Burnbrae Farms
Burnbrae Farms is a sixth-generation family-owned and operated Canadian company that has been producing eggs and egg products for 80 years. With egg grading, breaking, and farming operations in five provinces across Canada, shipping coast to coast to coast, it has been privately owned and operated by the Hudson family since it was founded in 1891. To learn more, visit burnbraefarms.com.

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