Fluent.ai Partners with Sena to Elevate Motorcycle Riding Experience with Advanced Voice User Interface Solution

Cutting-edge technology collaboration addresses critical pain points, offering riders an unparalleled communication experience

MONTREAL, Nov. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fluent.ai, a leading provider of embedded voice user interface solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with Sena Technologies, the global leader in Bluetooth innovation for motorsports, action sports, and industrial applications. This groundbreaking partnership integrates Fluent.ai's advanced voice command control technology with Sena's Mesh intercom platform, resulting in an industry-leading motorcycle intercom headset that redefines rider communication and interaction.

The Fluent.ai and Sena collaboration represents a significant leap forward in motorcycle communication, addressing the shortcomings of existing voice user interfaces. With Fluent.ai's patented acoustic-only technology at its core, the upgraded Sena headset offers natural, precise, and responsive voice command control. This enhancement allows riders to fully enjoy their journey without the cognitive burden of navigating complex user interfaces or the frustrations of inaccurate and sluggish voice control. Fluent.ai's multilingual capabilities further enrich the experience for Sena's global user base, supporting multiple languages and accents to ensure swift and accurate responses for all users. To conquer the challenges of noisy riding environments, the partnership incorporates cutting-edge noise cancellation technology, ensuring precise and swift voice control even in the most demanding acoustic conditions. Additionally, Fluent's efficient software, embedded on the headset's Airoha AB1585 DSP, extends battery life for users.

"Fluent.ai is excited to join forces with Sena Technologies to elevate the rider communication experience to new heights," comments Probal Lala, CEO at Fluent.ai. "Our advanced voice user interface technology, combined with Sena's expertise in intercom systems, has the potential to reshape the way riders connect on the road. This collaboration underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what voice technology can achieve."

"Our partnership with Fluent.ai represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to providing riders with unparalleled communication solutions," says Tae Y. Kim, Founder and CEO at Sena Technologies. "The Fluent-enabled product upgrade reinforces our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction."

Sena will be at EICMA from November 7 to 12 in Milan, Italy. Stay tuned for further details!

About Fluent.ai: Fluent.ai is a pioneer in embedded voice user interface technology, delivering advanced solutions that enable natural and seamless interactions between humans and machines. With a patented, AI-based approach that focuses on “doing more with less” - more language and command support with less computing footprint and less power - Fluent.ai is at the forefront of revolutionizing embedded voice control globally. www.fluent.ai

About SENA: SENA, with headquarters in South Korea and the USA, was founded in 1998 and has made it its mission to connect people. For more than ten years, the company has been a communication specialist on two wheels. What started out as a Bluetooth communication solution in motorcycling has been further developed over the years and expanded to additional markets such as cycling, outdoor and industry. SENA is one of the market leaders in the industry and sells its products worldwide through a global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners. www.sena.com  


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