2023 Strategic Overview of Quantum Computing Applications in the Automotive Industry: New Product Development Initiatives to Focus on Process Optimization and Advanced Materials Research

Dublin, Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Strategic Overview of Quantum Computing Applications in the Automotive Industry" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This analytics presents the overall scope of quantum computing and the current challenges hindering quantum momentum in the automotive industry. It analyzes OEM partnerships and key use cases.

This analytics highlights quantum computing innovation in the automotive industry and the significance of integrating this technology in supply chain, materials research, vehicle design, vehicle testing, assembly, manufacturing, retail, after-sales, and vehicle-in-motion.

Simulations integrated with quantum computing processors analyze multiple pre-production scenarios substantially faster; they are more accurate and have a shorter turnaround time, helping automakers stay ahead of the competition. Quantum computing also helps simulate complex molecular properties and battery material reactions and behaviors at the quantum level and can enable OEMs to design low-cost batteries with new, sustainable materials.

The technology can help optimize traffic management and vehicle routing. BMW, VW, Toyota, Hyundai, Daimler, and Ford are piloting (in partnership) quantum computing for select use cases. Though the proof-of-concept (Poc) for a smaller set of variables looked promising, the future plan will involve scaling up the infrastructure, qubits quality, and using complex sets of parameters.

Identifying the right use case is critical before investing in quantum research. OEMs should partner with professional services experts that can help with problem identification through proof-of-concept development and eventually integration into day-to-day production processes.

However, huge investment costs and existing pertinent technologies (to digitize the automotive value chain) are currently hindering quantum adoption among OEMs. Right use case identification, coupled with a hybrid quantum-classical computing model, will enable OEMs to achieve the best of both worlds.

Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1 - Advanced Materials Research
  • Growth Opportunity 2 - Vehicle Design Simulations
  • Growth Opportunity 3 - Real Time Traffic Route and Fleet Optimization through Quantum Computing

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes

  • BMW
  • Daimler
  • Hyundai
  • Toyota
  • VW
  • Ford

Key Topics Covered:

1 Strategic Imperatives

  • Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative
  • The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on the Automotive Quantum Computing Industry
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2 Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Scope of Analysis
  • Growth Drivers
  • Growth Restraints
  • Key Findings

3 Quantum Computing in the Automotive Industry

  • Classical Bits vs. Qubits
  • Classical vs. Quantum Computers
  • Quantum Computing Methods
  • How can Quantum Computing Transform Industry Verticals?
  • Quantum Computing Domains
  • Quantum Computing Across the Automotive Value Chain
  • Stakeholder Overview
  • Automotive Partnerships in Quantum Computing
  • Current Challenges to Using Quantum Computing in the Automotive Industry
  • Hybrid Operating Model of the Future

4 Quantum Computing in Product Design

  • Use Case Segmentation
  • Quantum Simulations for Automotive Product Design
  • Quantum Simulation in Product Design - Automotive Partnerships
  • Quantum Simulation to Revolutionize F1 Racing
  • Quantum Chemistry for EV Battery Design
  • Case Study - Ford's Exploration of EV Battery Materials Using Quantum Simulations
  • Other OEM Initiatives - EV Battery & Fuel Cell Design
  • Automotive OEMs Exploring Quantum in Product Design Phase
  • Quantum Computing in Product Design - Key Takeaways

5 Quantum Computing in Manufacturing

  • Use Case Segmentation
  • Quantum Computing in Manufacturing
  • Quantum Computing in Process Optimization
  • Case Study - BMW's Use of Quantum Computing for Robot Path Optimization
  • Quantum-based Machine Learning for Predictive System Maintenance
  • Quantum Digital Twins
  • Partnerships for Quantum Computing in Automotive Manufacturing
  • Automotive OEMs & Tier I Suppliers exploring Quantum Computing in Manufacturing
  • Quantum in Manufacturing - Key Takeaways

6 Quantum Computing in Retail, Aftersales and Vehicle In-Motion

  • Use Case Segmentation
  • Quantum Computing Use Case Analysis in Retail & Aftersales
  • Quantum Computing for Vehicle In-Motion Use Cases
  • Case Study - Quantum Computing for Traffic and Route Optimization
  • Quantum Cryptography for Future Vehicle Security
  • Automotive OEMs Exploring Quantum Computing in Retail, Aftersales, & Vehicle In-Motion
  • Quantum in Retail, Aftersales and Vehicle In-Motion - Key Takeaways

7 Quantum Computing in Supply Chain

  • Use Case Segmentation
  • How can Quantum Computing Revolutionize the Supply Chain?
  • Case Study - Fujitsu and Toyota Optimize Supply Chain Logistics
  • Case Study - BMW and Honeywell Optimize Supplier Management
  • Impact Analysis of Quantum Computing in Supply Chain Use Cases

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