ZL Tech Enables GenAI for the Enterprise with Massive-Scale Search, Governance, and Curation

New advancements enable organizations to virtually consolidate enterprise data silos into a curated feed for GenAI

MILPITAS, Calif., Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZL Technologies (ZL Tech), the leader in harnessing unstructured data for strategic advantage, today announced the release of new capabilities for managing and transforming enterprise data for Generative AI or GenAI.

Companies today are challenged to manage massive volumes of unstructured data, such as email, files, chats, call and meeting data, to meet governance obligations such as e-discovery, compliance, records-keeping, and privacy. Buried in these massive datasets, however, are critical insights into human activity and dynamics, since all unstructured data is created by humans for humans. These data make an ideal feed into GenAI for training and insights.

The first offering of its kind, the ZL Platform now enables organizations to search, cull, and deliver enterprise data for AI and analytics, while implementing GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) policies to ensure defensible use of data. The platform update adds several significant advancements that fundamentally change the landscape of AI for large enterprises:

  • Virtual Management: Search, manage, and transform data for AI and analytics in-place, across the entire enterprise, without moving or copying data.
  • Data Manipulation at Scale: Filter, cull, and slice-and-dice datasets on a near-real-time basis, to deliver the most relevant data for AI and analytics.
  • GRC Meets GenAI: For the first time, GRC functions can access data governed and scrubbed by policies to ensure defensible data use.

“The ability to wrangle data at scale and apply GRC are two leapfrog advancements necessary to deliver GPT to the enterprise.” said Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Tech. “Inasmuch as unstructured data is ‘human’ data, this massive data-wrangling promises to provide the insights to better manage the human side of enterprises.”

The use cases and benefits of implanting enterprise-wide data curation for AI and analytics are extensive, and include the following:

  • Insights into Human Dynamics: Analysis of all digital communications, revealing insights such as top performers, subject matter experts, sentiment, and customer relationships.
  • Corporate Memory: The capability to retain and tap into the vast repository of corporate knowledge buried within digital communications and files.
  • Greater Visibility for Compliance and Oversight: Utilize AI to proactively identify corporate violations, risk, and deliver “superveillance” for regulatory compliance.

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About ZL Technologies, Inc.

ZL Technologies’ unified information governance platform enables organizations to manage enterprise data for governance, risk, and compliance, while also leveraging it for AI and analytics. ZL Tech’s unique differentiator is its unified architecture, which delivers all data governance functions under one platform, thus eliminating today’s fractured data silos. With a proven track record of serving Fortune 500 customers and beyond for over two decades, ZL Tech is the leader in harnessing big data for strategic advantage.

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