Evercare Showcases Duo Pet Hair & Lint Remover to Spruce Up Winter Wardrobes

The innovative reusable dual-sided roller is designed for use on both delicate and sturdy fabrics, and is a must-have tool for cold weather clothing, carpet and furniture

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Nov. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Evercare, the lint roller experts since 1956, is sharing the secret to keeping clothes looking better than ever this winter season – the Duo Pet Hair & Lint Remover. As temperatures cool down and cold weather clothing comes out, the durable and convenient roller is designed to help consumers give their knits extra love and care. Featuring a dual-sided comb that allows for the use of each comb for different needs, the metal comb is ideal for heavy-duty clean-up, while the delicate comb gently removes unwanted lint from wardrobe items – keeping cold weather clothes looking brand new all season long.

Key features of the 2-in-1 Duo Pet Hair & Lint Remover include:

  • A compact dual-sided roller that is reusable and simple to use
  • No batteries needed
  • A metal comb side that can help with deep cleaning needs on carpet, furniture and other sturdy/rough fabrics and surfaces
  • A delicate comb side that is ideal for use on clothes made with cotton, wool, knit or other thin fabrics
  • Enhanced ergonomic handle designed to fit in your hand securely and comfortably

“At Evercare, we proudly create products that serve consumers’ everyday lifestyle needs, and we’re always looking for ways to offer a helpful solution,” said Tom Barber, SVP Marketing and Product Development. “As the winter months are a time where heavier clothing and materials are staples of our wardrobes, it’s also more likely that we will experience more lint due to the thicker fabrics we’re wearing and washing. With the Evercare Duo Pet Hair & Lint Remover, users can freely bring out their seasonal styles with the comfort of knowing that a quick clean-up solution, should it be needed, is never too far out of reach.”

The Evercare Duo Pet Hair & Lint Remover is a convenient, compact tool that helps users achieve quick results with ease and is a winter wardrobe essential. The reusable dual-sided roller retails for $9.99 and is available for purchase now at Target and Amazon.

About Evercare
Evercare Lint Rollers go back to the origins of the lint roller itself--to the inventor of the first lint roller, Nicholas McKay, back in 1956. Mr. McKay founded the Hel-Mac Magik Lint Pic-up, which was available in more than 60,000 stores by 1973, while also leaving a lasting impression on the entire cleaning products business. Hel-Mac changed its company name to OneCARE and became a global manufacturer and distributor of lint rollers, fabric care, air deodorizers and drain care. The name Evercare became its proprietary lint roller brand, which is synonymous with lint and pet hair control in the American home today. In 2013, OneCARE and Evercare was acquired by the Bradshaw Home organization for its cleaning division.

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