Folia Health Announces Groundbreaking Flare Tracking Technology to Bridge Research Gaps and Enhance Chronic Condition Management

BOSTON, Nov. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Folia Health, a leader in patient-centric healthcare data analytics, is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary proprietary, patent-pending Flare Tracking Technology, designed to transform the research and management of chronic conditions. This cutting-edge solution not only provides enhanced tools for patients and healthcare providers to monitor and manage disease flares with greater precision, but also fills critical research gaps, shedding light on what transpires between clinic visits, an irreparable blind spot in traditional types of healthcare data.

One of the most challenging aspects of living with a chronic disease is the unpredictability of acute events and exacerbations (“Flare Events”) —periods of heightened symptoms or disease activity that can disrupt daily life and lead to increased medical costs. Folia Health's Flare Tracking Technology provides an innovative solution that reimagines the horizon of acute event management, improving patient care and contributing to vital research endeavors.

Key features of Folia Health's Flare Tracking Technology include:

1) Real-Time Monitoring: Patients can monitor their symptoms, tag acute disease activity (Flares) and resolutions in real-time using a user-friendly mobile app, providing valuable information for data-driven medical appointments, as well as population-level research.

2) Predictive Analytics: The technology employs advanced algorithms to predict the likelihood that increased symptomatic burden is identified as a Flare, enabling patients to take proactive measures to manage their condition.

3) Bridging Research Gaps: By analyzing Flare data between clinic visits, Folia Health's technology contributes to the wealth of Real World Evidence (RWE), improving our understanding of chronic diseases and refining treatment strategies.

4) Personalized Care Plans: Healthcare providers can create individualized care plans based on the patient's data, ensuring a more targeted and effective treatment approach.

5) Enhanced Quality of Life: By giving patients the tools to take greater control over their chronic disease management, Folia Health's technology aims to enhance overall well-being and reduce the impact of chronic conditions on daily life.

6) Data Sharing: Patients can securely share their health data with their healthcare team, facilitating collaborative care and informing evidence-based decision-making, as well as consent into prospective observational studies, and be remunerated for contributing their observations to sponsored research.

Nell Meosky Luo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Folia Health, commented, “Our Flare Tracking Technology represents a significant step forward in the understanding of chronic diseases. By empowering patients and their healthcare providers with real-time data and contributing to Real World Data research, we're creating a paradigm shift in how we understand and treat these conditions.”

Connie Zhang, MPH, Director of Research Programs at Folia Health, added, “We had great success piloting our Flare Tracking Technology to track real-time pain crises amongst people living with Sickle Cell Disease; results of which are being presented at several medical symposia this and next year. It is an exciting next step to announce the roll out of the technology to additional therapeutic areas, serving our user base representing over 500 conditions. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with our research sponsors and partners on the application of this technology in research contexts.”

The launch of this proprietary technology not only advances Folia Health's dedication to innovative healthcare but also addresses the critical need to bridge the research gaps between clinic visits. To learn more about Folia Health's Flare Tracking Technology and its dual impact on chronic disease management and research, please visit or reach out to

About Folia Health:

Folia Health is a pioneering healthcare data analytics company committed to transforming the way we understand, treat, and manage complex conditions. With a focus on providing comprehensive, patient-centric insights, Folia Health empowers researchers, clinicians, and patients with innovative solutions that enhance disease management and bridge research gaps, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of these conditions. We are dedicated to leveraging technology to make healthcare more personalized and effective.

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