Basis Technologies and Jounce Media Automate Blocking of Ads on Low quality Websites

Basis DSP is The First to Use Dynamic Exclusion List of Made-for-Advertising Sites from Jounce’s Daily Data; Allows Publishers to Be Unblocked if They Change MFA Behavior

CHICAGO, Nov. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Basis Technologies (, a global provider of programmatic advertising and media automation solutions, today announced automated protection preventing advertisers from serving ads on low quality websites. The feature is powered by data from Jounce Media (, an industry leader in programmatic supply chain management. Basis’ demand-side platform (DSP) is the first to use a dynamic exclusion list based on Jounce Media’s daily updating data to automatically block ads from being served on made-for-advertising (MFA) sites. This system gives publishers a clear path to remediation if they no longer exhibit MFA characteristics.

Because MFA sites meet industry minimum standards, they are available to buy in nearly every major ad exchange. And because these sites demonstrate cost effective media metrics, programmatic media buyers often steer campaigns toward MFA publishers. The result, according to a 2023 study by the Association of National Advertisers, is that MFA sites capture 21% of programmatic ad impressions. However, Jounce Media’s research demonstrates that MFA inventory is chronically ineffective at influencing consumer purchase decisions, leaving many advertisers with a false sense of marketing success.

“Made For Advertising sites are built to absorb budget from programmatic advertising campaigns that optimize to flawed proxy metrics instead of real-world outcomes,” said Chris Kane, President, Jounce Media. “By blocking MFA by default, Basis Technologies is protecting advertisers from value-extracting supply and is rewarding publishers that are doing the hard work to build engaged audiences and high quality ad products.”

Jounce Media identifies MFA inventory by analyzing each publisher’s dependence on paid traffic, its ad tactics for monetization, and the KPIs it generates for advertisers. Jounce reassesses each RTB-traded website every day to generate a current list of MFA domains, ensuring that MFA sites are detected as rapidly as they are created and also ensuring publishers that change their businesses practices are quickly rewarded by buyers. The data is applied to the Basis DSP, giving it an up-to-date list of MFA sites that should be blocked. Advertisers can deactivate the exclusion list on Basis if they want to buy sites that are on it.

Basis Technologies uses a proactive and holistic approach to protecting advertisers against MFA and other types of low-quality sites. Its long-standing supply quality policy calls for the blocking of supply that does not have meaningful value for advertisers because of invalid traffic/fraud, very low viewability, low-value content/dubious traffic sourcing, and other factors. It has maintained this policy using a mix of proprietary and third-party automated solutions as well as an in-house team that manually audits the quality of web sites.

“Jounce Media’s data embedded in Basis Technologies’ DSP is as close to an ‘easy button’ as you can get to avoid ad investment from reaching low-performing sites,” said Ian Trider, VP of product – DSP, Basis Technologies. “Jounce’s methodology for detecting and classifying MFA sites aligns with our philosophy that supply should have some meaningful value to advertisers. Having boosted protection in our DSP gives customers assurance that their ad dollars are going to sites that drive real business results.”

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