Bigbank AS Invites to Attend Webinars Introducing Public Subordinated Bond Offering

Bigbank AS invites all interested parties to participate in a webinar introducing the issue of the public offering of Bigbank AS subordinated bonds in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. The webinars will be organised on 15 November at 14:00 (EET) in Estonian and at 16:00 (EET) in English.

In the webinar, Bigbank AS management board members Martin Länts and Argo Kiltsmann will present overview of Bigbank AS group, including business results, future plans and the terms of the public subordinated bond issue.

Those interested can ask questions during the webinar.

To participate in the webinar held in Estonian (14:00, EET), please register at

To participate in the webinar held in English (16:00, EET), please register at

The webinar will be recorded and published together with the presentation on Bigbank AS website and on the Nasdaq Baltic Youtube channel.

Argo Kiltsmann
Member of the board
Tel: +372 53 930 833