HERD Celebrates Legacy of Family Values with Multigenerational Workforce

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since its founding in 2003, HERD has continued to grow, adding new innovations to its product line and dedicated employees to its workforce. As the company evolves, it has remained committed to exemplifying its core values of Honesty, Excellence, Respect, and Dependability. These principles resonate deeply with HERD’s staff, extending their influence into the homes and lives of its dedicated workforce. The overlap of professional and family values is seen evidently in the number of multigenerational families who work for HERD, each bringing a unique skill set and perspective to the Winnipeg production facility.

For Bill Lauterer and his son Philip, HERD is a place that has grown alongside their family. “I think there’s a sense of ownership,” said Philip, a Robotics Technician. “HERD has grown and benefitted from having my dad work here, and so has our family. I’ve seen the dedication and effort he’s put into this place, and my goal is to do the exact same thing he did.” That’s not to say that things are all business all the time between the two. Bill recalls a moment at a family event hosted by HERD where Philip challenged him to a fight on an inflatable fighting game. “Somebody thought they could take out Dad in the battle ring. Let’s just say it didn’t work out quite like they thought.”

Evelyn Lavallee and Dallas Pelletier have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with one another at HERD. “We can work together on projects, sharing skills. I’ll cut what I need, and she’ll weld it together for me,” said Evelyn. Working in the same place also gives Evelyn a front-row seat to witness her daughter’s professional development. “Dallas has stopped me in the middle of my work to show me how good her topping welds looked.” Both Dallas and Evelyn appreciate the unique dynamic that sharing a workplace brings, saying that it has allowed them to learn skills faster and get more interactions and quality time together.

Ed Catojo Jr. has watched his dad, Eddie, climb the ranks at HERD and was excited at the opportunity to do the same. “My father started out in the wash bays at HERD; he worked hard and moved up, increasing his value and the potential of the company. When an opportunity to join HERD was given to me, it made a lot of sense to work for a place that appreciates effort and growth. I get a sense of pride that HERD is my company, too. It clothed and fed me as a kid, and now I get to pay some of that back. HERD doesn’t just support me, it supports my family.” And sometimes, the perks of working with your dad are even more obvious. “He benefits by getting a ride from me,” joked Eddie.

Each of these families has found a sense of pride and ownership in their roles at HERD, thriving on the unique opportunity to blend their personal and professional lives. Having several multigenerational families working throughout the company is important for HERD, working to build a culture that values relationships and family as much as it does production. The interplay of generations at HERD exists as a perfect example of the spirit of collaboration and mentorship at the company, making HERD not just a workplace but a place where family and career thrive side by side.

Since its founding in 2003, HERD has emerged as one of North America’s premium manufacturers of front-end protection. The Winnipeg-based company has built a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative products that enable drivers and fleet managers to maximize their trucks’ performance. While gaining recognition for its Truck Guards and Grille Guards, HERD also offers a variety of high-quality trucking accessories and recently announced an all-new Electric Power Division, further expanding its innovative product offerings.

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