Blue Collar Agency Evolves Into “Devise,” a Research-first Agency at the Intersection of Technology and Radical Creativity

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Collar Agency, which first debuted in 2008 during the Great Recession, has announced its evolution into Devise, a research-first agency that thrives at the intersection of technology and radical creativity. Driven by the rise in AdTech and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), which has ushered in waves of change for branding and advertising agencies globally, Devise was born after putting the Blue Collar brand identity through the same rigorous process it deploys for clients.

“Starting a company during the 2008 recession wasn’t easy, but the Blue Collar name served us well then,” said Rob McCready, managing director of Devise. “However, as we’ve evolved, it no longer speaks to everything we do. The word ‘devise’ means to invent, formulate, conceive, dream up. It’s the perfect name to match how we were already working.”

Compared to Blue Collar, the more ambiguous connotations of Devise make the name easier to align with the breadth of industries the company now serves. And as Devise incorporates new tools, including A.I., into its portfolio, the new brand will help it own its identity as a technology leader.

But not everything is changing. Devise will continue to prioritize relationships and provide the same approachable, collaborative style of service and support that Blue Collar’s clients have come to know and love.

A human touch to A.I.

In a recent New York Times article, Philippe Krakowsky, the chief executive of the ad giant Interpublic Group of Companies, said, “There’s little doubt that the future of creativity and A.I. will be increasingly intertwined. That said, we need to apply a very high level of diligence and discipline, and collaborate across industries, to mitigate bias, misinformation, and security risk in order for the pace of advancement to be sustained.”

As a small agency, Devise will put A.I. to work to bring new capabilities to its clients they simply couldn’t get otherwise. A.I.-powered tools can analyze large amounts of data, including consumer behavior, interests, and purchase patterns, to provide deeper insights into an audience and enhanced targeting. Creative A.I. tools can accelerate the ideation process to show clients rough concepts before they commit their budgets to handcrafted creative. A.I. will never replace human ingenuity at Devise, but by using it where it makes sense, it will increase flexibility and productivity, delivering more value to clients.

Read more about Devise’s rebrand in this blog article.

About Devise
Established in 2008 as an all-digital specialist and reinvented in 2014 as a full-service agency, the company now known as Devise is a research-first branding and marketing consultancy thriving at the intersection of technology and radical creativity.

Devise is highly effective at unifying complex organizations for the benefit of a focused, cohesive execution in the form of brand voice, visual identity, and content and campaign development. Clarifying an organization's brand through proven quantitative and qualitative research methods, Devise has supported top lifestyle, healthcare, technology, financial, and tourism brands, including PetSmart, Nike, Legacy Health, Wells Fargo, Yakima Products, SIGMA Photo Corporation, Sun Valley Resorts, and EveryManJack.

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Stacey Doss, APR