FlooidCX Corp / DBA / Quantum Energy Corporation Announces Licensed Distributors, 4th Quarter 2023 Revenue Guidance, and Expansion in Office Sales Staff

PHOENIX, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FlooidCX Corp. /DBA/ Quantum Energy Corporation (OTC: FLCX), (“Quantum” or the “Company”), the exclusive licensee and manufacturer of transformative 100% distributed photonic and magnetic direct energy systems for the generation of electrical energy owned and for use by the consumer, announces it began sales of Licensed Distributorships in the United States and Canada. These sales coincide with the Company’s inaugural Quantum National Distributors Association (QNDA) meeting that will be held on November 18, 2023, at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, and on November 19, 2023, with the National Football League with the Cleveland Browns at Browns Stadium.

The Quantum National Distributors Meeting is by invitation only. It will feature the “Founders Group” of the Quantum Licensed Distributors Association from Arizona, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Washington State, Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia, Canada. The event will also highlight many of the leading Quantum Direct Energy System customers in the United States and Canada.

Quantum Energy announces revenue guidance of approximately $7.5M for the current (4th QTR) of this year on the following business developments:

1). Quantum announces that it has begun selling Licensed Distributorships, products, and related services in the United States and Canada. The Company offered three (3) exclusive Licensed Distributorships with initial fees of $1.5MM each with standstill and non-refundable deposit agreements executed with Ontario Energy Systems, LTD, of Ontario, Canada, BD Energy Solutions, LLC, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and AESIR Energy, LLC, of Seattle, Washington. Quantum exclusive Licensed Distributors service the entirety of a state or province, and the agreement is for two ten-year (120-month) terms.

2). The three (3) exclusive Licensed Distributorships are the only exclusivities offered in the United States and Canada by Quantum. The Company has also entered agreements for non-exclusive Licensed Distributorships with fees ranging from $500,000.00 to $1.5MM each. Currently, the Company executed standstill and non-refundable deposit agreements with Viridis Energy Partners Inc. of Newport, Michigan, for southeastern Michigan, including the Detroit metropolitan area.

3). The Company has determined that non-exclusive Licensed Distributorships are based on geographical areas and population, yielding approximately 925 available distributorships in the United States and Canada. Licensed Distributors are trained and hold inventory to sell, install, service, and maintain Quantum Direct Energy Systems, including ultra-low-watt Photon Lighting bulbs and fixtures, Photon Engines, and related capacitor and energy storage systems.

4). The Company has accepted multiple reservations for Maricopa County, Arizona; Yellowstone County, Montana; Lucas County, Ohio; Dallas/northeastern, Texas; Knoxville, Tennessee; Bentonville, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; Boise, Idaho; and Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie, Wyoming. The Company will announce definitive agreements as distributors are approved.

Quantum Licensed Distributors must be licensed electrical contractors able to perform industrial, commercial, residential, and specialty work in the jurisdiction where they plan to operate and qualify operationally and financially under Quantum distributor standards.

All Quantum manufactured products will be Underwriters Laboratory (U/L) certified for safety and use, and the Company will also qualify all its required products to meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) certification in Canada. The Company executed a global services agreement with Underwriter Laboratories on October 12, 2023.

As previously announced, QNDA has chosen to support the Robert Smalls Legacy Foundation. The central mission of the Robert Smalls Legacy Foundation is to promote the opportunity for education, career, and self-reliance with an emphasis on scholarship and the ability of the individual to improve their life through self-determination. 100% of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame proceeds will benefit the Robert Smalls Legacy Foundation, founded by three-time Super Bowl Champion Jerod Cherry, a Cleveland Browns radio and television personality. Find out more at www.robertsmallslegacyfoundation.org.

Quantum Energy Corporation and its Association of Licensed Distributors throughout North America have the delivery of 100% distributed electrical energy, owned and operated by the consumer, as their central mission. Quantum Direct Energy Systems can save consumers, including businesses, institutional, governmental, remote location, and residential customers, from 15% to as much as 40% in place of antiquated utility grid-delivered electrical energy.

The Company’s management also announced the expansion of sales staff to its offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Maumee, Ohio.

About Quantum’s Direct Energy Systems:

Quantum’s Direct Energy Systems include an entire suite of electrical energy-producing products, including groundbreaking photonic energy systems, which include:

Photon Lighting - a United States and Foreign patent-pending technology utilizing ultra-low and low voltage distribution and energy recovery systems that not only deliver energy for indoor and outdoor lighting utilizing as low as 3.2 volts, but the Quantum photonic systems also produce energy, using its patent-pending photonic energy systems. The technology developed over many years collects and stores energy from indoor light that is both electrically produced and ambient in nearly any environment. This unique system eliminates the use of electrical conduit and decreases the use of copper by as much as 70% in industrial, commercial, institutional, residential, and remote buildings and locations, wherever people live, work, or recreate. Photon light bulbs are the only 100% rebuildable bulbs produced in the world today and never need to be thrown away.

Photon Engine - a revolutionary magnetically assisted flywheel energy storage system that increases the electrical “signal” (voltage), so that energy stored from the passive, or photonic side of the direct energy system, can be used to increase voltage for delivery to an integrated capacitor storage system that allows for conversion to higher direct current or alternating current voltages for consumer use. Photon Engines are specifically designed flywheel energy storage systems, that are safer, and longer-lasting than current battery technology, including some battery chemistries including lithium-ion batteries which can be dangerous to operate, and handle especially in indoor environments.

Photon Furniture, Store, Warehouse and Fixtures - Imagined only a handful of years ago, Photon Furniture, Store, Warehouse and Fixtures, are energy producing products that can be used in almost any indoor or outdoor environment. These products can produce usable energy in voltages as low as 3.2 volts to well over 500 volts DC, which can then be conditioned, stored and consumer utilized by Quantum’s Direct Energy Systems.

Control Systems, Distribution, and Energy Storage - Quantum strives to deliver control systems, distribution, and energy storage systems that are designed with sustainability in mind. Every system is evaluated and designed to use the least amount of conduit, copper, and related hardware. Quantum’s unique patent pending wire and connectivity systems in many installations eliminate the use of metallic and plastic electrical conduits. And, its lighting, distribution and storage systems produce negligible heat as a byproduct, reducing the use of air conditioning in many applications.

All Quantum products, current and future, are certified for use by Underwriters Laboratories (U/L), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group), or other independent safety and use certification organizations worldwide.

About FlooidCX Corp. /DBA/ Quantum Energy Corporation (OTC: FLCX)

FlooidCX Corp. /DBA/ Quantum Energy Corporation (OTC: FLCX) is an energy-focused company. Quantum’s project and project emphasis is on its exclusively licensed, developed, and commercialized cleantech Direct Energy Systems, which will eliminate the need for the use of aging and inefficient electrical grids and the widespread use of alternating current to direct current inverters, both of which contribute to significant energy losses worldwide.

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