With California Dairy Community Support, Dairy Council of California to Continue Its Longstanding Tradition of Nutrition Education and Advocacy

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thanks to the support of California dairy farmers, processors and families, Dairy Council of California will be continuing its cause to promote the science-based health benefits of milk and dairy foods and foster sustainable food systems. A recent California Department of Food and Agriculture public continuation hearing served as a vital platform for the dairy community and the broader public to express their support for Dairy Council of California's ongoing work. These hearings are held every five years.

With a legacy spanning over a century, Dairy Council of California has consistently demonstrated commitment to elevating the health of children, families and communities. Throughout its extensive history, the organization has navigated a series of successful hearings, which have served as a testament to its dedication to promoting dairy's role in a sustainable economy and food system.

The most recent hearing was held in September 2023. Partners from various sectors, including the dairy community, public health, education, health care and academia, enthusiastically showed their strong support by submitting letters of endorsement and delivering oral testimonies.

“We are immensely proud of the overwhelming support we have received during the recent CDFA public hearing,” said Amy DeLisio, CEO of Dairy Council of California. “This resounding endorsement from our partners in various sectors reinforces our unwavering commitment to promoting the health benefits of dairy and its role in healthy eating patterns. We look forward to continuing our vital work to improve the health of children, families and communities.”

Testimonies underscored Dairy Council of California's unique point of distinction and its pivotal role in educating the public about the health benefits of milk and dairy foods. Additionally, these partners highlighted the organization's substantial contributions to community health on behalf of the dairy community, solidifying its position as a critical advocate for the industry.

John Dolan, Chairman of Dairy Council of California and Owner of Driftwood Dairy explains further, “Dairy Council of California continues to be a key part of our mission to not only produce milk and dairy foods, but to support nutrition education in schools and community settings. By supporting Dairy Council of California, we can help ensure milk and dairy foods continue to be a valued part of healthy, sustainable eating patterns.”

Dairy Council of California remains steadfast in its cause to educate the public about the importance of milk and dairy foods while supporting the dairy industry's role in sustainable nutrition and a healthy food system.

About Dairy Council of California

Dairy Council of California is a nutrition organization working together with champions to elevate the health of children and communities through lifelong healthy eating patterns. Focusing on education, advocacy, dairy agricultural literacy and collaboration, Dairy Council of California advances the health benefits of milk and dairy foods as part of the solution to achieving nutrition security and sustainable food systems. Learn more at HealthyEating.org.

Meggan Rush
Communications Manager
Dairy Council of California