Skout’s Honor Debuts NEW Oral Care Launch Video

Now Available for Pet Specialty Retailers Everywhere

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Skout’s Honor, the award-winning pet specialty brand loved for its life-changing pet essentials, today released a launch video, highlighting its all new Oral Care line - which is available for retailers to order now.

The launch video showcases Skout’s Honor’s eye-catching, modern, “brushless” oral care products that break down and fight plaque and tartar, while freshening breath - fast. The new line includes two Water Additives (Peanut Butter + Bacon and Flavorless), Oral Gel (Peanut Butter + Bacon), Dental Wipes and an Advanced Dental Drops solution.

“Our Oral Care line is now available and ready to ship for pet specialty retailers - offering an exciting opportunity to reset a category that has been in need of some ‘freshening up’ for quite a while,” said Jenny Gilcrest, VP of Marketing at Skout’s Honor. “The momentum around the Skout’s Honor brand continues to build for retailers who already carry our products in multiple categories and locations throughout their stores. The addition of Oral Care provides another way to grow sales and offer pet parents even more amazing products from a brand they love and trust. We’re excited to introduce this launch video, which demonstrates our progression as a leader in the pet industry and our excitement about entering a new category.”

Skout’s Honor “Brushless” Oral Care for Pets is a convenient and safe way to support pets’ health - with the modern day pet parent in mind. The products are proven to effectively fight plaque and tartar and freshen breath fast, and make living with and loving pets more enjoyable.

In addition to its latest Oral Care launch, Skout’s Honor is best known for its life-changing Probiotic Grooming and topical Wellness products, plant-based, powerful Stain and Odor products, Flea + Tick solutions and preventative Training Aids.

Interested in learning more about Skout’s Honor’s new Oral Care line?

Go to to learn more about Skout’s Honor’s Oral Care, which is available and ready to ship - just in time for Pet Dental Month (February 2024).

About Skout's Honor
Skout's Honor is an award-winning, environmentally and socially conscious company that is known for making life-changing pet essentials. Product categories include Plant-Powered Cleaning, Probiotic Grooming & Wellness, Preventive Training Aids and Flea + Tick Solutions. Founded in California in 2015, Skout’s Honor changes what people expect from a pet product by providing innovative solutions to everyday problems that dramatically improve the quality of life for pets and their people. The Skout's Paw Pledge (Buy a Bottle, Feed an Animal) program enables customers to donate a day’s worth of food to an animal in need with every product sold. To date, more than 15 million meals have been donated. For more information, please visit

Skout’s Honor is distributed in the US and worldwide including Canada, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Chile.

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