FireScout & MFB Sign Exclusive Agreement for Joint Launch of Wildfire Risk Reduction Program with AI

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AX is pleased to announce the co-signing of an exclusive agreement with Mighty Fire Breaker regarding the integration of the FireScout AI SaaS technology with the Wildfire Risk Reduction Program (WRRP), which uses MFB’s CitroTech® solution to mitigate wildfires. The companies have jointly strategized on a support initiative with several resort-style properties to reduce the risk of loss with early detection and prompt deployment of MFB’s EPA-approved chemical solution. Deployment is triggered by FireScout, a wildfire detection AI capable of integrating with and monitoring via many camera systems.

For more than a year, AX and MFB have been collaborating to develop this innovative Wildfire Risk Reduction Program, and the agreement with Mighty Fire Breaker marks a significant milestone in advancing this corporate initiative. The partnership entails the utilization of AX’s cutting-edge AI for monitoring and detection, in tandem with MFB's early deployment system, to effectively disperse CitroTech® and protect property. FireScout plays a critical role in triggering the Wildfire Defense System, providing unparalleled risk reduction capabilities sought after by insurance underwriters for comprehensive coverage.

Michael Plaksin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at AX, conveyed his excitement, stating, “This partnership represents a dynamic opportunity for saving properties and lives while offering insurance companies the potential to continue supporting homes and businesses in areas that are geographically impacted by wildfires. Our enthusiasm to collaborate with MFB stems from our ongoing commitment to use FireScout as an integral part of risk reduction using AI technology.” 

The Wildfire Risk Reduction Program aims to offer property owners enhanced opportunities to secure fire insurance coverage at more favorable rates, surpassing existing offerings like the California Fair Plan. By demonstrating a consistent ability to mitigate risks faced by insurance companies, including a recent successful endeavor with a prominent insurance broker, FireScout and MFB stand ready to bridge the gap in risk-reduction science education via utilizing AI for insurers.

As noted, education is key: Recognizing the growing need for comprehensive wildfire defense systems, especially in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) regions, Mighty Fire Breaker is extending its outreach to the American Institute of Architects (AIA). With an increasing number of structures in these vulnerable regions and the escalating risk posed by climate change, MFB seeks to educate professionals through forthcoming courses with AEC Daily, the largest providers of continuing education to the Architectural, Interior Design, Engineering and Construction community. Slated for early 2024, they plan to utilize the e-learning platform to help spread awareness about Wildfire Defense Systems while building in WUI areas.

Steve Conboy, Chief Technologist of Mighty Fire Breaker, expressed enthusiasm regarding this exclusive partnership, stating, “This groundbreaking Wildfire Defense System addresses a crucial need for property protection, especially in regions prone to wildfires. We believe FireScout’s advanced AI SaaS Technology, combined with MFB’s award-winning CitroTech® Solution, is revolutionary in the science of fire detection and prevention, enabling the insurance of properties and continually preserving nature and wildlife.” 

As part of FireScout's commitment to technological innovation and safety, the partnership with Mighty Fire Breaker marks a pivotal step toward saving lives while safeguarding properties and communities against the growing threat of wildfires.

About AX

Founded in 2016, AX is an artificial intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that has developed award-winning proprietary technology in the areas of wildfire detection and visual artificial intelligence (AI) including facial recognition, augmented reality, and more. 

FireScout, the leader in wildfire detection SaaS, utilizes AI to provide wildfire detection in real time on a 24/7/365 basis. FireScout seamlessly integrates into existing camera/monitor systems. 

We offer the most informative, effective, and supportive user interface system in the market today. FireScout is presently being used on over 1,000 cameras throughout the Western United States and is considered to be the de facto standard in AI for disaster prevention in wildfire management.

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