Connect, Collaborate, Innovate: the PSCC Unveils 'PSCC Connect', the Association of Economic Stakeholders in Oncology

Press Release, November 20, 2023

Connect, Collaborate, Innovate: the PSCC Unveils 'PSCC Connect', the Association of Economic Stakeholders in Oncology

  • All economic stakeholders in oncology are invited to join PSCC Connect to participate in the biocluster dynamic and build the reference community dedicated to innovation in oncology.

  • Membership will be free in 2023, and members need to apply by November 30 in order to attend the inaugural PSCC Connect General Assembly on December 20, 2023.

The Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) achieves a major milestone with the launch of PSCC Connect, a non-profit association (French association law 1901) created to bring together and foster collaboration between all stakeholders dedicated to cancer innovation.

Any organization within the ecosystem wishing to contribute to innovation against cancer, regardless of size or activity, can join PSCC Connect. It includes oncology-focused companies, from start-ups and biotechs to pharmaceutical groups, innovation partners (CROs, service and technology companies...), local institutions (territorial authorities, competitiveness clusters, incubators, chambers of commerce...) as well as health investors.

Eric Vivier, President of PSCC, emphasizes the significance of this new milestone for PSCC: “2023 marked the operational launch year for the PSCC. We aspire to be a directly useful resource for the ecosystem. The creation of PSCC Connect is a significant step in bringing together the oncology community and fostering exchanges among its stakeholders.”

PSCC Connect offers a unique platform in France and Europe, allowing a broad gathering of economic stakeholders associated with PSCC, collecting their visions, scientific needs, and expectations. The objectives include promoting PSCC initiatives within this ecosystem, facilitating BtoB interactions among members and contributing to the development of the cluster. Members will have the opportunity to collaborate within a dynamic network dedicated to research, development, and implementation of innovative solutions against cancer.

Christian Deleuze, President of PSCC Connect invites all stakeholders in oncology to join this promising initiative: "Join 'PSCC Connect' now and contribute to building what will become a unique community entirely dedicated to innovation in oncology, whatever the technology. By combining our strengths and dreams, by cross-fertilizing our talents and expertise, by doing our best to collaborate and bringing all our energy, we will accelerate innovation in the fight against cancer, for the benefit of patients."

Membership in PSCC Connect is free for 2023. Starting from 2024, membership fees will be applicable based on the type of organization, with details to be confirmed at the inaugural General Assembly scheduled for December 20, 2023. To engage in this initial phase and take advantage of a significant networking opportunity within the oncology community, membership applications must be submitted by November 30, 2023.

Learn more about PSCC Connect and join the association

About the Paris-Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC):

Founded in February 2022 by Gustave-Roussy, Sanofi, Inserm, the Paris Polytechnic Institute and the University of Paris Saclay, the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) is the first winner of the "Biocluster" call launched by Emmanuel Macron as part of France 2030.

The PSCC has the support of more than 80 startups, biotechs and large pharmaceutical groups and has already been joined by Unicancer, the Institut Curie, AP-HP and Medicen.

The biocluster's mission is to orchestrate strong interactions between researchers, patient associations, healthcare professionals, startups, SMEs, big pharmaceutical companies and investors within a dynamic, integrated and virtuous ecosystem, anchored in Villejuif. Its objective is to accelerate the development of new cancer treatments, medical devices and diagnostic solutions in France. The PSCC will support industrial projects at different levels of maturity and facilitate the connection of these projects with the experts, platforms and resources they need.

As a world-class cluster, the PSCC aims to position France among the world leaders in turning science into value for patients and society as a whole.



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