The SOGC will be holding the Menopause Summit 2.0 at this year’s Ontario CME in Toronto, November 24th

Ottawa, CANADA

TORONTO, Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The SOGC is proud to be presenting our Menopause Summit 2.0 at this year’s Ontario CME from November 23-25. The summit will take place on Friday, November 24th and will cover a broad range of topics that intertwine with menopause such as how to manage symptoms at work; how to address cognitive changes associated with this condition; as well as addressing the many myths about menopause that cause hesitation in women when they are seeking help.

“As one of relatively few menopause specialists in the country, I am bursting with pride and excitement to be hosting our second menopause summit of the year with the support of the SOGC. Women spend half their lives in menopause, on average. It is time for all of us to join the menopause movement and expand our knowledge, research, and advocacy on this important stage of life that has been shrouded in shame for so long. I am immensely looking forward to celebrating menopause and aging women with my colleagues at this week’s event,” said Dr. Michelle Jacobson, Chair of Menopause Summit 2.0.

“Our medical education event will cover menopause and so much more. We have so many good speakers who are leading experts in their fields. We're thrilled that our members will be joining us in record numbers. Their support is essential. We look forward to this event with a great energy and enthusiasm. The goal of this conference is talk about the latest developments in women's health. Women need to know what's new since the shortage of primary healthcare providers is affecting facilities across Canada and in Ontario as well,” affirmed Dr. Diane Francoeur, SOGC Chief Executive Officer.

This half-day summit will feature discussion panels and workshops with some of the most qualified experts on important topics such as:

  • GSM in breast cancer; Discussions on the evidence for hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options in breast cancer survivors with GSM and exploring novel treatments for breast cancer survivors.
  • Myths of menopause; What are the common misleading information on the internet and social media about menopause? Providing evidence-based resources and recommendations about various complementary and alternative treatments
  • ADHD/Cognition in menopause; Knowing the difference between ADHD, anxiety, and depressive symptoms and how psychostimulants may be helpful in treating brain fog in menopause.
  • Menopause in the workplace; What is the impact of menopausal symptoms on women in the workplace? How to identify symptoms and formulate alterations that can improve work-life experience for those going through menopause.

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