Groupe Casino: Update of 2023 forecasts and update of 2024-2028 business plan of the French perimeter

Update of 2023 forecasts and update of 2024-2028 business plan of the French perimeter

Paris, 22 November 2023

Casino Group has today published a presentation on its website relating to the update of its 2023 forecasts for the France perimeter1 (EBITDA after lease payments and free-cash flows) and the update of its 2024-2028 business plan.

Update of 2023 forecasts for France

In view of the results for the 3rd quarter and the trends observed to date in the 4th quarter, the Group estimates that its 2023 EBITDA after leases would be, depending on the successful implementation of the action plans, between -140m€2 and -78m€. The revision of EBITDA after lease payments is mainly due to the consideration of:

  • the latest DCF3 sales forecasts, in particular for Hypermarkets, where the turnaround (volumes and customers presented below) is in progress, but is slower than initially expected ;
  • the impact, on the DCF margin rate, of the price investments required in the current market environment to pursue the recovery of the business.

Taking into account the new trajectory for 2023, the continuation of supplier credit and the expected proceeds from the sale of Exito (see press release of 16 October 2023), based on forecasts reviewed by Accuracy and Advancy, Casino Group does not anticipate any liquidity issue between now and the date of completion of the financial restructuring, which is expected to take place by the end of the 1st quarter of 2024. The implementation of the capital increases provided for by this financial restructuring will lead to massive dilution of existing shareholders and Rallye will lose control of Casino.

Update of the 2024-2028 business plan

The 2024-2028 business plan published on 20 September 2023 has been updated to take into account the new 2023 trajectory and new action plans identified for the period.

Key figures from this business plan (detailed in the presentation) are presented below.

Update on the current trading

The recovery in Supermarkets traffic and volumes is ongoing, with +10% in traffic and +7% in volumes over the last week. In Hypermarkets, the gradual turnaround is underway (-3% in customer numbers and -12% in volumes).

French consolidation: key financial indicators            
In M€ 2023 2024 2025 // 2028  
EBITDA after lease payments -1004 222 509   912  
APCO5 -284 -237 -147   -58  
Other operating cash flow items -206 -120 -91   -87  
Operating cash flow -590 -135 272 // 767  
Capex -455 -487 -487   -513  
Operating cash flow after capex -1,045 -622 -215 // 254  
Tax -27 -17 -16   -8  
Change in WC -990 29 59   25  
of which WC financing -837          
of which postponed tax and social debts 216 -216        
Free cash flow -2,062 -610 -173 // 271  
FCF excluding operating financings and social and tax charges -1,442 -394 -173   271  

Current trading S466


Graphs available in attached pdf


Graphs available in attached pdf

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1 France retail + ecommerce
2 Including sensitivities added by Accuracy and Advancy
3 Distribution Casino France
4 Expected value in the range between -140m€ and -78m€
5 Other operating expenses. This line includes cash restructuring and concept costs and concept costs, as well as non-     recurring costs related to the closure or disposal of stores
6 4-week period, except the last indicator which is a 1-week period
7 Historical supermarkets, including Codim




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