MDxHealth Announces Completion of Mandatory ADS Exchange and Commencement of Transition Period to Single Listing on Nasdaq

NOVEMBER 27, 2023, 1:00 am ET / 7:00 am CET

MDxHealth Announces Completion of Mandatory ADS Exchange and Commencement of Transition Period to Single Listing on Nasdaq

IRVINE, CA, and HERSTAL, BELGIUM – November 27, 2023 – MDxHealth SA (NASDAQ/Euronext Brussels: MDXH) (the "Company" or "mdxhealth"), a commercial-stage precision diagnostics company, today announces the completion of the mandatory exchange under the Company's American Depositary Shares ("ADSs") facility (the "Mandatory ADS Exchange"), the start of the transition to a single listing on Nasdaq, and details on the process for repositioning of the Company's shares from the Euronext Brussels trading system to the Nasdaq trading system.

Mandatory ADS Exchange and transition to single listing on Nasdaq

The Company announced on October 2, 2023, that its board of directors had determined that it is in the best interest of the Company, its investors and other stakeholders to consolidate all trading of the Company's securities on one exchange in the United States. This transaction involves (1) a share consolidation with respect to all outstanding Company shares by means of a 1-for-10 reverse stock split, which was completed on November 13, 2023 (the "Share Consolidation"), after which ten former Company shares are represented by one new Company share (each new Company share, a "Share"), and each ADS represents one new Share, (2) listing the Shares on Nasdaq, (3)  the Mandatory ADS Exchange, (4) a repositioning of the Shares from the Euronext Brussels trading system to the Nasdaq trading system, and (5) following a transition period of at least three weeks after the Mandatory ADS Exchange, the de-listing of the Shares from listing and trading on Euronext Brussels.

Folllowing the completion of the Share Consolidation on November 13, 2023, the Company completed the Mandatory ADS Exchange, effective today. As a result of the Mandatory ADS Exchange, ADS holders received Shares that are listed on Nasdaq in exchange for their ADSs on the basis of a ratio of one ADS for one Share, the ADS program will be terminated and the ADSs will cease to be listed and traded on Nasdaq.

Effective as of the opening of trading on Nasdaq today, the Shares will be admitted to listing and trading on Nasdaq. During a transition period ending December 15, 2023, the Shares will be listed on both Euronext Brussels and Nasdaq.

In view of the foregoing, effective as of close of trading on Euronext Brussels on December 15, 2023, the Shares will no longer be listed and traded on Euronext Brussels. As of that moment on, the Shares will only be listed and traded on Nasdaq.

Repositioning process

In the context of the transition to a single listing on Nasdaq, the Company's shareholders now have the opportunity to reposition their Shares from the Euronext Brussels trading system to the Nasdaq trading system.

The Company expects that many financial intermediaries or custodians in Europe will use their discretionary rights (under their terms of service to their clients) to automatically (at the initiative of the brokers) reposition the Shares held by their client to the Nasdaq trading system.

In the event the Shares are not automatically repositioned in the Nasdaq trading system as described above, or to understand or enquire the steps, timing and any associated costs and expenses that are required for repositioning Shares from the Euronext Brussels trading system to the Nasdaq trading system, shareholders should contact their financial intermediary or custodian. This request is possible at any time as of today. An overview of the procedures to be completed by your financial intermediary or custodian can be found on the Company's website (see: Proposed Transition to a Single Listing on NASDAQ - mdxhealth).

All Shares, whether or not repositioned to Nasdaq, will continue to be valid Shares with full voting rights, rights to future dividends and other distributions, etc. Furthermore, Shares that are not repositioned prior to December 15, 2023, the last date that Shares will be listed and tradeable on Euronext Brussels, may be repositioned for trading on Nasdaq at any time after December 15, 2023 by contacting the shareholder’s financial intermediary or custodian.

Further information

For further information and details regarding the ongoing transition from a dual listing of the ADSs on Nasdaq and Shares on Euronext Brussels to a single listing of Shares on Nasdaq (including the applicable repositioning forms), reference is made to the dedicated web page which can be found on the Company's website (see: Proposed Transition to a Single Listing on NASDAQ - mdxhealth).

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