Thankful for Change: Concierge Physicians Grateful to Practice Medicine Their Way, According to New Survey from Specialdocs

Chicago, IL, Nov. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Restoring time for patients, families, friends and themselves was rated as the most important benefit of changing to concierge medicine, according to new research from Specialdocs Consultants. The pioneering concierge practice conversion and management company polled its expanding network of affiliated clients for opinions and insights regarding the “State of the Concierge Physician Medical Practice” in 2023.

“In the season of thankfulness, we are gratified to share the transformative effects of practicing in the Specialdocs concierge medicine model,” says Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs. “As reported in our latest research survey, the vast majority of our affiliated physicians describe their professional morale as very positive. In addition, virtually all would choose medicine as a career again, with a significant number further specifying ‘only as a concierge doctor.’”

By comparison, recent industry surveys of physician satisfaction show the ongoing challenges of practicing in traditional care models, with pervasive burnout reported at rates ranging from 53% (Medscape)1 to 68% (Medical Economics)2.

The State of the Concierge Physician Medical Practice 2023 Survey
Earlier this year, Specialdocs asked their physician-clients to participate in an online survey focused on satisfaction with the state of medicine today, their spirits before and after making the change, and what they valued most about the Specialdocs concierge model. Answers were recorded anonymously and used in aggregate to ensure privacy. Highlights include:

  • Eight out of ten Specialdocs physicians describe their professional morale as very positive.  “Happiness with concierge medicine has been a total life changer…it saved my career and allowed me to love doctoring again,” wrote a survey participant. “A life saver,” wrote another.
  • With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, 90% of Specialdocs physicians would still choose medicine as a career again; 17% of this group specified ‘only as a concierge doctor.’
  • A total of 65% of Specialdocs-affiliated physicians said they were at full capacity and/or considering expanding their team with another practitioner; 35% said they had the ability to accept new patients or take on new duties; and none described themselves as ‘overextended or overworked.’ A physician surveyed wrote: “With things as bad as they are now in organized U.S. medicine, despite the joy that most clinicians feel about what we do, I honestly cannot understand how non-concierge physicians can continue to do this.”
  • The two most rewarding aspects of converting to concierge medicine were additional time to develop relationships with patients (90%), and a better work-life balance with personal and family time (65%). “My career prior was killing me physically and emotionally, and my family was suffering greatly, as well. Now, I am happy to go to work.  I KNOW I am helping my patients.  And I have some time for myself and my family,” commented a physician surveyed.
  • Most valued about converting to the Specialdocs concierge medicine model: the ability to remain autonomous and independent, closely followed by the company’s emphasis on customized conversions versus the franchise model offered by other industry consultants.

 Patients are also grateful for the benefits of personalized medicine, as evidenced by average ratings of 4.9/5 on Google, and 5/5 on Healthgrades for Specialdocs-affiliated physicians since January 1, 2020.3  In numerous reviews, patients emphasize the meaningful connection felt with their physician: “From the first moment of entering the office I was made to feel welcome and valued. Having a medical team who sincerely cares about my well-being is a new experience but one I will embrace,” wrote San Diego-based patient MC. “She is an excellent doctor and I was blessed to find her. I’ve never had a doctor who spends that much time with you in an appointment,” wrote JW, a concierge patient in Tennessee.

“We could not be more thankful for the opportunity to work with our group of outstanding physicians,” says Bauer, “who are Special Docs in every way. Together, we are advancing a practice model inspired by the sacred bond of the physician-patient relationship, built with trust, respect, compassion and exceptional care.”

Since 2002, Specialdocs Consultants has helped physicians nationwide transform their practices with the industry’s most customized and sustainable concierge model.

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Terry Bauer, CEO, Specialdocs Consultants

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