Cloudingo Introduces Real-Time Merge for Salesforce Data Cleansing

DALLAS, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloudingo, a leading provider of data cleansing and quality solutions for Salesforce, today announced the availability of Real-Time Merge, a new feature that automatically and immediately merges duplicate records as soon as they are created or updated in Salesforce.

“We are excited to add Real-Time Merge to the suite of Cloudingo data quality features,” said Lars Nielsen, President and CEO of Cloudingo. “Our customers have asked for a way to immediately merge duplicate records, and we’ve managed to create a system that does just that while still giving full control of the process to the user.”

Real-Time Merge works by continuously monitoring Salesforce data for changes and then applying user-defined merge rules to identify and merge duplicate records. This eliminates the need for manual merging, which can be time-consuming and error prone.   And it fills the gap left by scanning and merging on set intervals via schedules.

Key benefits of Real-Time Merge:

  • Eliminates manual merging: Real-Time Merge automatically merges duplicate records, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Improves data quality: Real-Time Merge ensures that Salesforce data is clean and accurate by removing duplicate records.
  • Saves time: Real-Time Merge saves time by automating the process of merging duplicate records.

Real-Time Merge begins with a user-defined filter “listening” for data changes. Synchs from the Cloudingo agent installed in Salesforce alert Cloudingo that a record has been inserted or updated. When a real-time filter receives the synch, it checks that record against all other Salesforce data. If a match is found, the records are automatically and instantly merged.

Real-Time Merge is available now for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Person Accounts for Professional and Enterprise licenses.

About Cloudingo

Cloudingo is a leading provider of data cleansing solutions for Salesforce. Cloudingo’s solutions help businesses of all sizes improve their data quality, save time, and reduce costs.


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