Invalda INVL signed employee stock option contracts with the employees of INVL transferring to AB Šiaulių bankas

Invalda INVL, in compliance with the provisions of the Rules for Granting Equity Incentives and in accordance with the decision of the general meeting of shareholders held on 22 November 2023, with the employees of the subsidiaries UAB INVL Asset Management and INVL Life, UADB, who transfer to AB Šiaulių bankas or its subsidiary companies, in connection with the implementation of the merger of Invalda INVL’s indirectly managed retail asset management and life insurance businesses with AB Šiaulių bankas group, which was concluded on 22 November 2022, concluded stock option contracts, on the basis of which in 2027 employees will acquire the right to purchase shares of Invalda INVL paying a price of 1 (one) euro for each purchased share.

The exact number of shares to be purchased will be calculated in 2024, when the amount of the company's equity per share as of 12/31/2023 will be known according to the audited annual consolidated reports. In the abovementioned-signed contracts the total amount that will be converted into number of shares is equal to 122,908 EUR. The exact number of shares that will be granted to shareholders under the option contracts will be disclosed in the company's annual report and made public.

Since 2016 when the company began to offer stock options to employees and including the agreements signed this year that specify the number of shares, employees of the group have entered into stock option agreements for a total of 734,318 shares of Invalda INVL and to date have acquired 447,179 of those shares.

The person authorised to provide additional information:
Darius Šulnis
CEO of Invalda INVL