Celebrate Farm Transition Appreciation Day on January 9th, 2024

OTTAWA, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The fourth annual Farm Transition Appreciation Day (FTADay) will take place on Tuesday January 9, 2024. Farm Transition Appreciation Day (FTADay) was created to encourage and celebrate the progress Canada’s farmers are making to secure the future of farming in Canada. It is one day of the year when we can come together to share stories and advice, and to encourage farmers through a national campaign using social media, agricultural media and offering learning events across Canada. This year’s theme, Farming for our Future, will showcase how today’s farmers are paving the way for Canada’s next generation.

The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the positive steps farmers have taken to secure their farming legacy and help ensure the continuity of Canada’s agricultural excellence through effective planning. FTADay is a celebration, and a call to action.

To kick things off, here are 5 farm transition planning tips:

  1. Start the conversation about farm transition at least 10 years before the transfer is set to take place to allow sufficient time for everyone to prepare and adjust
  2. Hold a formal meeting involving everyone to identify and harmonize the family and business vision and goals in writing
  3. Establish a clear and mutually agreed on transition timeline between the current owners and successors to reduce uncertainty about the future of the farm and everyone’s role within it
  4. Prepare a formal written farm transition plan that can be shared, referenced and reviewed on a regular basis
  5. Hire a coach or transition planning facilitator to help keep your transition planning on track

What can you do to support FTADay 2024?
Farmers, industry organizations, agribusinesses, governments and agricultural media across the country are encouraged to share their farm transition success stories, tips, resources and tools to create a coast-to-coast buzz around farm transition.

  1. Highlight FTADay through your websites, social media, industry publications and other communication channels
  2. Share and help amplify farm transition success stories, and helpful tips, resources and tools
  3. Host virtual or in-person events for your members, clients and community
  4. Follow and mention Farm Management Canada and use #FTADay2024 to be part of the conversation

Let us know what you’re up to, so we can help promote your FTADay activities!

To help get you started, visit https://fmc-gac.com/ftaday to access information and easy-to-use resources to get involved in Farm Transition Appreciation Day!

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