REPEAT: Nammu21 and Fiùtur Partner to Scale Energy Transition Finance

Partnership Enables New Operating Model for Digital Financing in the Transition Economy, Allowing for Credit Instruments to be Integrated into Verified Data

New York, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nammu21, the leading digital solution for complex private credit instruments and Fiùtur, the trust and governance infrastructure for the transition economy, are partnering to address the information gap in the multi-trillion-dollar energy transition. 

The collaboration will innovate capital structures and products financing the multi-trillion dollar energy transition market by connecting digitally-proven performance outcomes from Fiùtur with digitized, transition credit instruments, including thresholds of isolated environmental KPIs, on Nammu21’s platform. This digital connectivity will usher in enhanced capabilities and efficiencies for monitoring and validating performance and pricing requirements, in turn, leading to a transformation in risk management, reporting, and compliance–addressing the escalating regulatory scrutiny prevalent in the transition market.

“We set out to create transparency and reduce complexity in the loan markets through digitization and data interoperability,” said Someera Khokar, CEO at Nammu21. “Our clients are increasingly faced with validating climate, deforestation, water, and other performance obligations which extend beyond their institutions, requiring greater access to reliable information about the physical world. Integrating with Fiùtur will enable investors to better assess and manage risk while developing the systems and structures to bring products forward for this rapidly growing market.” 

Integrating performance obligations and pricing thresholds from credit instruments with verified and substantiated environmental data is a pivotal development in counteracting greenwashing. By forging a connection between tangible environmental outcomes and the financial markets, market participants have validated data which is digitally recorded, directly correlated, and securely stored utilizing ledger technology.

“Our core thesis is that the transition economy requires scalable access to trustworthy information about the physical world. Most of what’s being financed today is very intangible with no way to authenticate the claims being made so this requires a flexible, open and scalable system to link proven, transition-related performance metrics in key sectors with financial markets,” said Joe Madden, CEO at Fiùtur. “Nammu21 arises from extensive expertise, presenting a truly distinctive offering. It aligns precisely with our vision of facilitating connectivity between capital markets and the physical world. We are thrilled about this partnership and its implications for scaling the energy transition.

This partnership follows ongoing developments and momentum from both companies. Earlier this year, Nammu21 unveiled N21 Public, its transformative database of publicly available loan agreements and, following its spin-out of Xpansiv, the premier infrastructure provider for environmental markets, Fiùtur released its industry white paper on data interoperability for the energy transition.  

Nammu21 is a leading platform driving operational efficiencies and data transparency in syndicated loan transactions. Built by industry veterans, Nammu21 leverages natural language processing technology and proprietary processes to deconstruct complex interconnected financial documents into interoperable, digestible data. For more information follow @NammuTwentyOne, visit, or read a recent piece on N21 Unlocking Data and Insights from Credit Agreements.  

Fiùtur has developed an open architecture to enable the programmatic encoding of governance and commercial terms across transparent, digitally enforced and automated measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) protocols to deliver provable, real-world outcomes to global markets.  The Fiùtur ecosystem incorporates financial institutions and other capital providers, proprietary and public data sources, insurers, technical firms, certification bodies, industry players, project developers, environmental-commodity registries and markets, corporates, and a myriad of others. To find out more about Fiùtur, please visit


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