Netlogistik Innovation Day Recap: Cold Chain Digital Transformation, Recycling Innovations, and Supply Chain Leadership

Presentation Highlights Will Help Businesses Grow Profitably

DENVER, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Netlogistik, the leader in powerful services that guide companies towards the digital transformation of the supply chain, recently held an Innovation Day 2023 where valued customers and partners gave presentations and participated in panel discussions covering the latest supply chain trends and innovations. Executives from Arcadia Cold, Cycle Labs, Terracycle, and others shared their insights.

“We are pleased to share the knowledge we gathered from Innovation Day from customer and partner presentations,” says Jagan Reddy, managing partner, Netlogistik. “Many of these companies use technologies from Blue Yonder to run their supply chains, and we are pleased to implement the solutions for a faster time to value.”

A summary of some of the presentations follows:

  • Chris Hughes, President & CEO, Arcadia Cold.
    • Unique Cold Storage Challenges:
      • Significant supply storage: current inventory cannot adequately service the +70% of US consumers who purchased food online as of 2022.
      • The average age of current facilities is 42 years old, with outdated and inefficient systems.
      • Cold storage facilities require specific expertise in building and operating them.
      • Top players grow due to acquisitions but are acquiring outdated assets instead of modernizing new developments.
    • Arcadia is addressing the current widespread shortage of cold chain providers by developing new, contemporary, well-run cold storage assets, always putting the customer at the center of everything the company does.
    • Netlogistik implemented the Blue Yonder WMS, TMS, Yard Management, and Labor Management systems to bring real-time visibility and reporting across the supply chain.
  • Josh Owen, CEO, Cycle Labs, a provider of automated test platforms for supply chains, discussed Why Supply Chain Needs Leaders.
    • It's hard to inspire someone, but it's a lot easier to find other inspired people and bring them together when you want to make a change. Hang out with people who see things differently. How do you see the world differently?
    • The Assembly line at the Ford plant changed how plants worked, and their idea was to do your job, do it exactly like you did yesterday, and do it faster and cheaper. The plants got bigger, and as they grew, so did the systems.
    • With mass production came a need for mass distribution. Will our jobs in the supply chain become industrialized? Many already have. But instead of AI taking our job, we should be concerned about losing to people who know how to use AI.
    • The world has changed and will continue to change, so we need to progress. We need to listen to people who paint a picture of what the future would look like if we acted. MLK gave people the motivation to act on their inspiration. The supply chain doesn't need more managers; it needs leaders.
    • And we need progress; we need innovation. The time to change is now before problems occur. When you do that, you can create the change. Innovation happens through cooperation and collaboration, collective intelligence, and networking of knowledge and ideas.
  • James O'Neil, Vice President of Business Optimization, Terracycle, discussed Rethinking Recycling: Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future.
    • Eliminating the idea of waste: taking ways and finding new ways to reuse it, making things out of recycled materials, recycling unique waste streams, collecting waste and plastic in rivers and canals, and making things reusable through Loop. They partner with retailers and CPG companies to convert their products from single-use packaging into durable, reusable packages.
    • Case Study: Bausch + Lomb – recycling contact lenses.
    • Recycling hubs at Walmart: Redesigned a shipping container and put it in the parking lot. The hub accepts 12 different waste streams, from cosmetics to toys.
    • Subaru Park, home of the Philadelphia Union soccer team, diverts 100% of waste from landfills.
    • Loop is a global platform for reuse where manufacturers can create reusable, returnable packaging products, and any retailer can sell those products to consumers in a buy anywhere, return anywhere program. Loop transitions packages from single-use to reuse.

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