TechFlow Secures 7-Year $2.1 Billion TSA Contract for Explosives Detection System Upkeep at Over 300 Facilities Spanning the U.S. and its Territories

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TechFlow, a 100% employee-owned forward-thinking energy, mobility, logistics, and digital solutions company, today announced a landmark seven-year contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) valued at over $2.1 billion. The agreement allows TechFlow to manage the maintenance and advanced Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) for more than 1,800 Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) at over 300 airports and Government-designated facilities throughout the United States and its territories.

Under the contract terms, TechFlow will deliver comprehensive support for critical security equipment in airports and installations where the TSA operates. The agreement encompasses extensive services, including routine maintenance, prompt repairs, and ongoing support for operational readiness. In collaboration with the TSA, TechFlow will execute and manage a robust program to ensure the steadfast functionality and dependability of Government-certified EDS and their associated technologies.

The TSA has renewed its partnership with TechFlow, building on the joint efforts in logistics and maintenance for EDS that began in 2018. TechFlow has enhanced the EDS program with tool upgrades, process refinements, and automation—boosting efficiency and performance. With this new contract, TechFlow seeks to advance America's aviation security through further innovations on the TSA EDS PBL Program, integrating AI/ML and advanced analytics into EDS logistics and maintenance, aiming to elevate air travel and commerce safety and efficiency.

The 7-year contract was awarded days after the TSA screened over 2.9 million passengers on November 26th, setting a single-day record. As air travel demand is projected to double by 2040, according to the International Air Transport Association, the TSA's ongoing process and capability enhancements will be crucial for meeting future needs.

"We take great pride in our ongoing partnership with the TSA, playing a pivotal role in the vital mission of protecting America's travel network,” said TechFlow President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Carter. “Our joint efforts are intended to facilitate the smooth and unimpeded movement of travelers and goods, thereby upholding the integrity of timely and secure air travel. This collaboration is at the heart of our dedication to ensuring every passenger and their belongings receive security service at the highest efficiency standards.”

"Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation drives us to pioneer advanced maintenance techniques, including analytics powered by AI/ML frameworks. This approach minimizes system downtime and ensures smoother, more secure air travel and commercial activities," said TechFlow VP of Platform Services Bill Fischer.

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