Leading the Charge: AmeriCatalyst CEO Toni Moss Announces 'Going to Extremes' Leadership Summit to Proactively Address Climate-Related Risks to the US Housing and Finance Industry

  • ‘Going to Extremes’ seeks to catalyze a proactive, industry-wide approach to navigating the impact of extreme climate in the US housing and finance industry.
  • Leaders and policymakers will convene to craft a ‘blueprint for action’ on April 18-19, 2024, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, DC.

AUSTIN, Texas and WASHINGTON, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Toni Moss, CEO of AmeriCatalyst LLC (“AmeriCatalyst”), today announced ‘Going to Extremes,’ a collaborative leadership summit to proactively address the implications of climate change on the US housing and finance ecosphere. AmeriCatalyst will publish key insights and solutions gleaned during the event in a ‘blueprint for action’. The invitation-only summit brings together CEOs and government leaders throughout the US housing industry, including housing finance, homebuilders, real estate, single family rental, and housing-related securities and investments. The event will take place April 18-19, 2024, at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort in Washington, DC.

Since 2010, AmeriCatalyst has produced a unique and independent annual forum for housing and finance leaders and policymakers to proactively engage in strategies to confront pressing challenges in their respective industries. Its sister company, EuroCatalyst, based in Amsterdam, is renowned for establishing an annual signature event in Madrid, Spain, in 2002 to warn the world of the impending global mortgage market implosion that began in 2007. Toni Moss, the CEO of both firms and founder and host of both events, says, “Climate change poses the greatest immediate and existential threat to the entire housing market. The recent exit of insurance companies from certain high-risk areas due to multi-billion-dollar losses and regulatory hurdles over actuarial pricing for risk is the ‘canary in the coal mine’. There has never been a greater need for extraordinary leadership to seize on opportunities to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change and proactively address market disruptions in the housing industry. Right now, this industry has the best group of leaders with the vision and motivation to act.”

AmeriCatalyst is proud to collaborate with market leader CoreLogic in presenting ‘Going to Extremes.’

“When it comes to climate risk solutions, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. As a leading provider of property data and analytics, we look forward to working with AmeriCatalyst and the housing and finance industries to understand and quantify the financial risks of climate change to every property in the US. CoreLogic’s involvement underscores our dedication to addressing natural hazards and environmental risks and taking an active role in fostering collaboration for a resilient and sustainable future for the US housing market,” said Peter Carroll, Executive and Head of Public Policy, CoreLogic.

Ted Tozer, former President of Ginnie Mae (2010-2017), said, "AmeriCatalyst has been at the vanguard of the housing industry for its compelling content for the past 20 years. I applaud them for tackling a critically important topic at an equally critical time in the industry. ‘Going to Extremes’ is a real service to everyone in housing."

For more information or to request an invitation, please visit www.americatalyst.com.

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Jessica Rutledge

About Toni Moss and AmeriCatalyst LLC
AmeriCatalyst LLC, established in 2010 in Austin, Texas, traces its origins back to EuroCatalyst BV, founded in 2000 in Amsterdam. Toni Moss, CEO of both entities, possesses extensive expertise in the global housing sector. Anticipating the systemic vulnerabilities within mortgage markets, Moss sought to raise awareness about potential collapses. In 2001, she attempted to garner interest from significant organizations like the U.S. Federal Reserve, the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the World Economic Forum for a summit centered on the impending risks. However, her warnings were met with skepticism, as prevailing sentiments leaned toward economic optimism. In 2002, Shirley Jackson joined EuroCatalyst after leaving her position at the Japan Times, becoming part of the executive team. Together, they conceived a conference distinguished by its content-driven focus over profit-seeking motives. Notably, the conference's annual predictions, embedded in its narratives, exhibited remarkable accuracy in foresight compared to mainstream economists. Addressing globalization's influence, the conference tackled topics beyond conventional control and comprehension due to the expanding impact of global forces. The culmination of these efforts marked a pivotal chapter in history, shaping the trajectory of the housing and mortgage markets. For more information, please visit: www.americatalyst.com 

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