NEMO Me Named Official Communications App of ‘Web3 On The Sea’ in Goa, Leading the State toward the First Fully Integrated Web3 Ecosystem

The app will power Goa’s initiative, enabling users to consolidate social interactions and build community through real life interactions

GOA, India , Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NEMO Me (, the ultimate community building tool that helps users curate and consolidate real-life social interactions, today announced a partnership with Web3 On The Sea, backed by the IT Ministry of Goa, India,  to become the official communications app for “Web3 on the Sea,” an initiative that aims to attract digital nomads, remote workers, and Web3 builders to make Goa, India the first state fully powered by blockchain and Web3.

The state initiative includes integrating Web3 and blockchain technology into all relevant government functions, education, and healthcare as well as developing and facilitating a robust and 100% tech-enabled ecosystem for startups and companies.

The mission also includes creating an environmentally sensitive and sustainable environment that aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), while emerging as a global thought leader in Web3 and blockchain technology. 

NEMO Me, available on iOS and Google Play, will help power communications for the initiative by seamlessly and securely enabling Goa Web3 community members who connect in real life to quickly and securely share and receive contact information in order to build a valuable network and maintain relationships that will advance Goa’s mission.

NEMO Me also provides a peer-to-enterprise solution for Goa, enabling local retail stores to use its technology to instantly connect and follow up with customers.

As a result, NEMO Me will be instrumental in facilitating communications for Goa, helping to create a complete 360 degree ecosystem that includes tech resources, venture capital, market making and mentorship as well as government agencies, private enterprise, world class tech education, Centers of Excellence (CoE) research and development centers, crypto forensics, entertainment and more.

 “Our goal is to establish Goa as the world’s largest ecosystem and a hub for Web3 builders, digital nomads and remote workers. We take a giant step into the immersive frontier of our Web3 district, where code meets community, and possibilities are woven into the digital fabric.

In this decentralized ecosystem, innovation thrives, connections flourish, and the future is co-created. We welcome NEMO Me to the heartbeat of tomorrow," said Raj Kapoor, a Co-Founder of the Web3 on the Sea project.

“We were really impressed with the efficiency and simplicity of the NEMO Me app to quickly and securely connect individuals and help them build meaningful relationships; and we’re pleased to partner to connect Web3 innovators and encourage them to create and contribute from the vibrant setting of Goa, India.”

"Embarking on progress, our grand infrastructure project blends innovation with vision, connecting communities and catalyzing growth,” said Harmeet Singh Mamik, Co-Founder of the Web3 on the Sea project. “As we lay the foundations of a resilient future, each brick and beam signifies our commitment to building a legacy that stands tall for generations to come. Together, we shape tomorrow's landscape."

NEMO Me is the fastest, most secure way to manage in person connections and curate them into a mobile community and network using a simple phone-to-phone proximity gesture.

Both users need to have the app to reap all the benefits and remain in full control of interactions.

The app is fully decentralized with military-grade security that protects user data and metadata, and is free from the use or misuse by any third party. It is compatible across any mobile operating system, making it easy for Android and iPhone users to connect without issue.

Rather than swapping business cards, Tap Cards, QR codes or inputting information manually, Goa community users will be able to simply tap their two smartphones together to securely share information and stay connected.

Users can also customize what information to share depending on desired audience, including direct contact information as well as social profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and even TikTok.

As users continue to build their community, NEMO Me helps manage interactions by displaying date and time stamps of when and where connections were made, and allows users to search contacts by keyword, time, or location.

Plus, NEMO Me automatically updates information as phone numbers, emails or social media profile usernames change–– so users never lose touch with friends or business associates. Additionally, users own their data and always remain in control of how it is shared.

If a user no longer wishes to share their  information with a contact, or an organization, they can choose to remove their information by simply deleting the contact from their community, which will result in all their information being extracted from the other user's phone or organization's system in one easy step.

The app also features "proof of life" at every interaction, assuring users are connecting with real, living people, not bots or AI.

“We are avid supporters of India's effort to create a thriving new Silicon Valley for Web3 in Goa,” said NEMO Me co-founder and CEO Amir Kaltak. “This partnership allows us to bring NEMO Me’s far advanced decentralized and utmost secure technology to Goa’s fast-growing tech hub, furthering its mission.

We are thrilled to be an official partner of Web3 On the Sea and help it to rapidly build their communities.”

A launch event to celebrate the partnership will be held on December 2nd and includes an evening of engaging conversations and the chance to connect and build the community with inspiring global nomads, entrepreneurs, founders, creators, government representatives, and policymakers from Goa.

NEMO for iPhone is now available in the App Store and NEMO for Android is now available in Google Play. Download the app to join the waiting list to receive an access code. To learn more about NEMO, please visit

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NEMO Me is the ultimate community building tool where you can consolidate your social interactions, fostering the creation, cultivation, and curation of your community, regardless of whether you're an individual or a business.

NEMO Me brings people together seamlessly, securely and across any mobile platform with a simple phone-to-phone proximity gesture. NEMO is fully encrypted, decentralized, does not store any users data, and does not share information with third parties.

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