NEMOme Chosen as Official Communications App to Build Community through Real Life Connections at Coinagenda Caribbean

The app for consolidating social interactions enables attendees to securely and seamlessly connect via phone-to-phone close proximity with no information stored in the cloud

SAN JUAN, PR , Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NEMOMe (, the ultimate community building tool that helps users consolidate social interactions, today announced that it is the official communications app of CoinAgenda Caribbean, the premier blockchain investor conference taking place December 11-13, 2023 as part of Puerto Rico Blockchain Week.

The app, available on iOS and Google Play, is the fastest, most secure way to manage in person connections and curate them into a mobile community and network.

The app enables any individual or business to seamlessly and securely share and receive information with a simple phone-to-phone proximity gesture.

“At a conference focused on decentralization and blockchain innovation, it only makes sense to use the most cutting edge technology on site to connect attendees,” said Michael Terpin, founder of CoinAgenda.

“NEMOme will allow conference goers to focus on developing meaningful relationships in person while doing the heavy lifting to curate and maintain those connections to build a valuable community beyond the event. It’s the easiest way to stay present while the app builds your network; and we’re thrilled to partner to bring this experience to this year’s event.”

The app is fully decentralized, meaning NEMOme does not have access to users data or metadata.

It is also compatible across any mobile operating system, making it easy for Android and iPhone users to connect without issue.

Rather than swapping business cards, Tap Cards, QR codes or inputting information manually, all users have to do is place their two smartphones together to securely share information and stay connected.

Users can also customize what information to share depending on desired audience, including direct contact information as well as social profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and even TikTok.

As users continue to build their community, NEMOme helps manage interactions by displaying date and time stamps of when and where connections were made, and allows users to search contacts by keyword, time, or location.

Plus, NEMOme automatically updates information as phone numbers, emails or social media profile usernames change–– so users never lose touch with friends or business associates.

Additionally, users own their data and always remain in control of how it is shared.

If a user no longer wishes to share their  information with a contact, they can choose to remove their information by simply deleting the contact from their community, which will result in all their information being extracted from the other user's phone in one easy step.

This next generation social tool is 100% authentic and secure offering "proof of life" at every interaction, assuring users are connecting with real, living people, not bots or AI under your control.

“Part of our mission is to restore a balance between the need to be connected online and the power of in person communication,” said co-founder and CEO Amir Kaltak.

“CoinAgenda is a great environment to demonstrate how NEMO achieves this balance, allowing individuals to connect with real life organic interaction, while capturing important connections and organizing them into a curated, valuable network to maintain those relationships. We believe that it’s high time that people truly own and control their personal data.”

NEMOme simplifies the process of making life-changing connections on your own terms and features military-grade security that protects user data, free from the use or misuse by any third party.

It's a one-time download, where both users have to have the app to reap all the benefits and remain in full control of your interactions. NEMOme for iPhone and NEMOme for Android are available to download now.

Join the NEMOme community at CoinAgenda using access code: coinagenda. To learn more about NEMOme, please visit

About NEMOme
NEMOme is the ultimate community building tool where you can consolidate your social interactions, fostering the creation, cultivation, and curation of your community, regardless of whether you're an individual or a business.

NEMOme brings people together seamlessly, securely and across any mobile platform with a simple phone-to-phone proximity gesture.

NEMOme is fully encrypted, decentralized, does not store any users data, and does not share information with third parties.

To learn more about NEMOme, please visit

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