MyCardiologist Revolutionizes Heart Health Assessment & Cardiac Event Reduction with Cutting-Edge Cardiac PET Imaging

Setting New Standards in Advanced Heart Care with Leading-Edge Diagnostic Technology

MIAMI, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MyCardiologist, leading provider of comprehensive cardiovascular care in South Florida, sets new standards in heart health assessment & Cardiac Event Reduction with the addition of the GE Discovery ST16 Whole Body PET/CT System at their West Kendall facility. Utilizing this latest state-of-the-art diagnostic tool sets the gold standard in cardiovascular care, and a testament to MyCardiologist’s commitment to delivering an unprecedented level of insight into patient’s heart health.

This high-resolution Discovery ST16 PET/CT scanner, equipped with 16-slice image acquisition and advanced 2D and 3D imaging capabilities not only excels in detecting coronary artery disease (CAD) but also offers diverse clinical applications, opening new horizons in cardiac diagnostics. The system's impressive capabilities include enhanced lesion detectability, faster scan times for increased throughput, and significantly reduced dose requirements. This whole-body integrated positron emission and computed tomography (PET/CT) imaging system technological is poised to revolutionize heart health assessment by providing patients and physicians with an invaluable window into their heart's health.

A Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography (PET) exam is a precise and noninvasive diagnostic test conducted by experienced cardiologists at MyCardiologist. It features a unique ability to quantify the amount of blood flow reaching the heart muscle. This advanced capability enables the early detection of signs of heart disease, even in the heart's smallest blood vessels that are not visible to the naked eye or through traditional angiograms. This method of accurately measuring blood flow provides a significant advantage in managing the patient's heart health proactively.

The process is performed with the PET camera capturing detailed heart images during both a resting and a stress phase, providing crucial data on blood flow and detecting any prior heart muscle damage. Most exams are efficiently completed in under an hour, minimizing disruptions to your daily schedule.

“The introduction of the GE Discovery ST16 Whole Body PET/CT System at our West Kendall location marks a significant leap forward in our mission to provide patients with cutting-edge technology for enhanced heart health assessment and Cardiac Event Reduction,” states Dr. Harry Aldrich, FACC, President of MyCardiologist.

Early diagnosis and treatment intensification can significantly enhance heart health outcomes and increase the lifespan. MyCardiologist's unwavering focus on providing the highest standard of care emphasizes the importance of identifying patients at risk for heart conditions. By using holistic, person-centered approaches to individualize therapy, they address the patient's need for cardiorenal protection, weight management, and managing cardiovascular risk factors.

“We are excited about the unprecedented level of precision and efficiency this technology brings to our practice, reinforcing our commitment to offer the best in heart health. This remarkable system strengthens our ability to detect heart conditions early and provide our patients with the highest standard of care,” says Dr. Harry Aldrich.

Patients and healthcare professionals alike can now experience the future of heart health assessment with MyCardiologist. Schedule a PET exam today or encourage your primary physician to explore the benefits of this advanced technology at MyCardiologist's West Kendall location. Your heart deserves the best, and MyCardiologist is dedicated to delivering it.

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