Striim Integrates with Microsoft Fabric to Deliver Real-Time Data Streaming Innovation for Analytics and AI

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Striim, an industry leader in real-time data integration and streaming, is excited to announce its integration with Microsoft Fabric, a new data analytics platform. Striim will provide its innovative low-latency, open-format data integration and streaming service into Microsoft Fabric, helping organizations harness data for real-time analytics and AI-driven insights. 

Striim’s integration with Microsoft Fabric offers a seamless and unified data integration solution, that enables businesses to extract actionable insights from disparate, siloed data sources, mission-critical enterprise applications, and databases. Striim's unique data streaming capabilities bring fresh, real-time data directly into Microsoft Fabric, facilitating powerful analytics, AI, and decision-making.

"We're excited about this integration with Microsoft Fabric, empowering both Striim and Microsoft while delivering unrivaled benefits to our customers," said Phillip Cockrell, senior vice president of business development, at Striim. "This collaboration enhances our real-time data integration capabilities, amplifies the power of Microsoft Fabric's analytics, and provides our customers with a seamless solution for faster, more informed decision-making. It's a win-win for all, promising a future of streamlined data processes and data-driven success."

In a scenario like that of a large retail business with locations and operations in many cities, the need for real-time insights across stores, purchases, and inventory is paramount. Typically, various teams such as data engineers, SQL developers, data scientists, and business analysts work independently, leading to redundant efforts and data silos. With a unified system, these fragmented efforts become increasingly more manageable, making it easier to understand sales trends or inventory needs, ultimately resulting in faster time to insight. 

Striim's new integration with Microsoft Fabric fulfills this essential role by providing real-time, low-latency, and highly scalable data streaming in an open delta parquet format in Microsoft Fabric to ensure workload interoperability across Microsoft Power BI, Spark jobs, Azure Machine Learning/AI, and Microsoft CoPilot applications. It serves as a single, comprehensive tool for all data teams within an organization, accommodating next-generation analytics and AI use cases. Striim’s new integration with Microsoft Fabric benefits customers, providing a simple unified product that optimizes costs while ensuring high-quality data that enterprises can trust. 

“We welcome Striim as a key partner integrating with Microsoft Fabric,” said Mahesh Prakriya, Director of Azure Data, Microsoft. “Striim Cloud provides our customers with the ability to harness real-time data streams from leading CRM applications and vital databases, unlocking a wealth of actionable business insights and empowering them to make instant, informed decisions that drive success.”

Businesses can learn more about Striim Cloud on Azure at the Azure Marketplace

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