trivago Unveils a Bold Brand Refresh and AI powered TV Ads

trivago’s strong refocus on its brand is highlighted by a distinct brand refresh and an innovative AI-driven television advertising campaign.

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY December 14, 2023 - trivago, a leading global hotel search, is excited to announce a brand evolution, marking a new era for the company. The refreshed brand features a new logo and visual identity, which will debut with a first-of-its-kind AI-driven television advertising campaign.

The essence of trivago’s brand refresh is captured by its promise to help users “Search Savvy. Feel Super.” It encapsulates the core benefit of providing travelers with a smart, efficient way to compare hotel offers, saving them both time and money. The emotional payoff, ‘Feel Super,’ captures the satisfaction of users who feel assured that they have obtained a better deal.

Key elements of trivago’s refresh include a new logo with a more vibrant and inviting look. The new symbol doubles as a checkmark, representing how easy it is to find a hotel that suits your needs on trivago, and a smile, reflecting that satisfied feeling when you’ve scored that great deal because you used trivago.


“The refresh is in line with our goal to strengthen the trivago brand. By combining our strong existing brand cues with a set of new, highly distinct and memorable elements, we aim to cut through the noise and stand out in the competitive travel market,” said Jasmine Ezz, CMO of trivago. “This evolution is about building on our solid foundation, reinforcing our identity, and making it more resonant and engaging.”

In a blend of the familiar and the innovative, trivago welcomes a new “trivago guy” who will be featured in the company’s advertising campaigns. However, what sets this campaign apart is its pioneering use of AI technology. By employing AI tools, trivago has produced localized TV ads in more than ten different languages, all featuring the same actor, but with uniquely tailored, culturally relevant voiceovers for each market. Leveraging cutting-edge technology not only showcases trivago's innovative DNA but also significantly reduces production time and costs, allowing for a more customised and responsive marketing strategy.

Watch the new TV campaign: US TV spot (dubbed); French TV spot (AI usage).

"Incorporating AI is a leap into a new era of innovation at trivago. AI enables us to produce and trial a variety of advertising strategies, allowing us to experiment more extensively than ever before. This aligns with our company's principle of rapid testing and learning, which is ingrained in our DNA,” said Johannes Thomas, CEO of trivago. “This is just the beginning of our journey in harnessing AI for creative production. Our AI-driven campaigns are a testament to our commitment to consistently lead with cutting-edge technology across all facets of our organization.”

The new campaign and brand evolution is a culmination of trivago’s renewed emphasis on brand marketing this past year, and is a testament to trivago's commitment to innovation. It's a forward-looking step, yet deeply rooted in the heritage that has made trivago a household name.

The campaign will roll out gradually across markets, starting in Denmark and Canada mid-December before going live in the US around Christmas. The company is excited to embark on this new chapter and continue to be the go-to platform for travelers worldwide, helping them make smart decisions and celebrate their wins.


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