Conkrite Capital Corporation, a leading asset management firm in Canada, has announced the launch of their new Food Security Fund (FSF) to better serve developing nations across the globe

TORONTO, Dec. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Conkrite Capital CEO Mr. Nicolas W. Del Valle announced the launch of a Food Security Fund (FSF) in a philanthropic effort to help alleviate hunger and malnourishment in developing nations.

To mark the conclusion of 2023, Conkrite Capital Corporation, together with members of African public and private sector, put forth a non-profit initiative to alleviate hunger and malnourishment in African and Asian developing countries. The initiative is aimed not at providing handouts but at providing the means of production needed for women and children to have access to first aid needs via education programs, agricultural development, and job creation.

“The new FSF will create immense value as it aims to create educational programs to help farmers learn how to deal with floods and how to protect their crops during the raining season including how to prepare their land for heavy rains and floods,” said Samuel Vigedi, the CEO’s spokesperson in Africa.

“Upon visiting Africa on November 2023, I understood that the hunger and malnourishment problem is more serious than promoted. Immediately, Conkrite approved an event to feed more than one thousand people who were displaced by the flood and to my astonishment, thousands more showed up, it became clear to me that something bigger had to be done,” said Mr. Nicolas W. Del Valle in a statement.

By working in unison with local governments and members of the private sector, Conkrite procured to put in place one of the most dynamic initiatives the world has ever seen when it comes to creating increase in the non-profit food sector. Conkrite will be tailoring specific groups and regions to maximize impact and gear its efforts towards those who need it the most.

“Climate change is real,” said Nicolas – “I saw how thousands of hectares of agricultural lands were destroyed by rain floods in matter of hours; this will continue to happen more intensively affecting not only the third-world but also all of us in more advanced economies,” he concluded.

Conkrite Capital encourages people to reach out and get involved with the FSF. They are continuously working hard to make a difference but need help to make an even bigger impact. To learn more about the Food Security Fund and how to get involved, visit Conkrite's website or contact them directly.

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