New to The Street Announces its Five TV Corporate Interviews, Episodes 538 and 539, Airings Start on Bloomberg TV as a Sponsored Program, Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET

The Show Features its Newest Business Segment, "Money Makers," with TV Host Colin Jordon

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW Media's New to The Street announces their corporate interviews for episodes 538 and 539, airing as sponsored programs on Bloomberg TV and the FOX Business Network.

New to The Street's  Episode 538 airs on Bloomberg TV as a sponsored program on Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET, and Episode 539 airs on the FOX Business Network, Monday, December 18, 2023, at 10:30 PM PT.

The shows are featuring the following five (5) corporate Interviews:

1) Investment Research Firm – EquitySet, LLC's ( interview with Tony Zipparro, Co-Founder.

2) New Segment - "Money Makers," with TV Host Colin Jordon - Interview with unbreakable drinkware manufacturer Drinique's Andrew Elliott, President, and Hamid Charoosaie, Vice-President of Marketing.

3) Hemp Cigarettes/Products – Hempacco Co., Inc.'s (NASDAQ: HPCO) ($HPCO) interviews with Sandro Piancone, Co-Founder/CEO, and Mr. Siddharth Shivkumar ("Sidd"), Founder and CEO of CBDAY Global Private Limited ("CBDAY").

4) New Segment - "Money Makers," with TV Host Colin Jordon – Interview with real-estate accounting, REA's (RealEstateAccounting.coMark Kappelman, Co-Founder.

5) "Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security – Weekly Hack” segment with internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO, Sekur Private Data, Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) (Sekur®).

New to The Street's TV Host Jane King, from the New York Stock Exchange Studio, meets with Tony Zipparro, Co-Founder of EquitySet, LLC. As a web-based equity research platform, the Company's site provides end-users with a comprehensive platform with tools to research US equities and ETFs. The platform offers institutional research data for individual retail investors immediately available with many data tools, providing insight and educational resources. Tony explains that EquitySet has three main goals for its platform: 1) empowering retail investors with research tools; 2). Provides investors with information about potential investment opportunities; and 3). Gives date-set signals to track investments for decision-making purposes. Investors typically use many financial sites to make an informed decision on an investment, which is cumbersome, time-consuming and often has limited data availability. Tony, with his cross-expertise in financing and designs, developed EquitySet. The platform has the traditional information typically found on most stock quote websites, but many more unique features are available on one site. End-users can create customized features to cross-examine investment sectors and competitors within a particular industry. Using multiple data points and multi-dimensional analysis, EquitySet can provide an "Alignment Score," informing investors of the strengths and weaknesses of a sought-after equity/ETF. The score takes multiple data sources and information and then compiles a score to help investors decide on a buy/sell strategy and bull/bear insight. Viewers can learn more about the platform at and download the on-screen QR code available during the show - The interview will air on Bloomberg TV, episode 538, on December 16, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET, and the FOX Business Network, episode 539, on December 18, 2023, at 10:30 PM PT. Disclaimer: EquitySet, LLC. is a research-only platform, gives no investment advice, never offers buy/sell recommendations, and is not by a broker, a dealer, or a registered investment adviser.

New to Street features its newest business segment, "Money Makers, with TV Co-hosts Colin Jordon and Jane King. From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, Drinique's Andrew Elliott, President/Founder, and Hamid Charoosaie, Vice-President of Marketing, discuss the Company's unbreakable drinkware products. Drinique pioneered the use of Tritian™ Copolyester, making its first unbreakable drinkware product line BPA-Free and ergonomically appealing. After graduating from College, Andrew took his passion and experience in the hospitality industry and invented unbreakable drinkware, a solution for industry-wide glassware breakage. Hamid explains further about the Company's product line history and how medical applications use Tritian materials because they are BPA-free and high-heat resistant. Made in the USA, at its Arizona manufacturing facility, Drinique provides immediate customer service and on-time shipments. Drinique's drinkware products come with a lifetime guarantee and are at some of the most exclusive restaurants, nightclubs, resorts, and hotels worldwide. Business campuses like Meta and Linkin use the Drinique's products, and the Company aims to increase its marketing efforts directly to consumers. In 2024, the Company will manufacture its products using Tritian Renew™, a new generation of molecular recycling materials that provides the same strengths and features as the existing Copolyester material but can now be recycled more easily. Andrew gives an example of how Tritian Renew™ eliminates nine plastic bottles from landfills, and Drinique's stemless wine glass uses 50% recycled materials when manufacturing. Viewers can visit to learn more and purchase Drinique products. The QR Code is on-screen during the show to download more information- The interview will air on Bloomberg TV, episode 538, on December 16, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET, and the FOX Business Network, episode 539, on December 18, 2023, at 10:30 PM PT.

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, Sandro Piancone, CEO of Hempacco Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: HPCO) ($HPCO), and Mr. Siddharth Shivkumar ("Sidd"), Founder and CEO of CBDAY Global Private Limited ("CBDAY") talk with New to The Street's TV Host Jane King.  Hempacco's mission is to become the largest disrupter of the $1T tobacco industry with its Hemp Disrupting Tobacco™ products and seeks growth and product integration globally. Sandro talks to viewers about the Company signing a new master distribution agreement with CBDAY, a CBD/Hemp India Company founded by Sid Shivkumar. Sid and Sandro met about a year ago to discuss the opportunities in selling Hempacco's hemp and CBD products in India. They evaluated the test market data, including shipping, logistics, and supply-chain management, successfully concluding the viability of the Indian marketplace. In Las Vegas, NV, at the MJBiz Conference and Expo, the largest expo of cannabis professionals, Hempacco and CBDAY signed the distribution agreement. CBDAY has 12 internal operation divisions, which evaluate domestic/international markets and seek CBD/hemp products to meet those consumer demands. Sidd sees Hempacco's hemp product lines as superior and high-quality, believing that excellent and strong consumer demand exists in India and Thailand. Over the next 5-10 years, Sidd thinks he can operate globally and expects to expand Hempacco's product lines further into new markets. Currently, CBDAY is distributing Hempacco's hemp and CBD products, including celebrity-branded hemp rolling papers, cones, and hemp wraps in India and Thailand. Hempacco and CBDAY see enormous growth in providing consumers with high-quality hemp-based products and further global market expansion. The on-screen QR code is available during the show: Hempacco Co., Inc. - & The interview will air on Bloomberg TV, episode 538, on December 16, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET, and the FOX Business Network, episode 539, on December 18, 2023, at 10:30 PM PT.

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, "Money Makers," New to The Street's newest business segment with Co-Hosts Colin Jordon and Jane King, interview Mark Kappelman, Co-Founder of REA ( REA continues to expand its operations and is known as an effective and efficient outsourcing Company for Real-estate accounting and bookkeeping services. Mark and his wife started REA after a lousy experience outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services on their property holdings. As a CPA, Mark looked at the deficiencies in real estate property accounting outsourcing and realized that many accounting services had limited to no specialized real-estate accounting expertise. REA has three reasons for real-estate owners to retain its services: 1). Only specialized in real-estate accounting services; 2). Personnel fully trained in using complex real-estate property management software programs like Yardi, Appfolio, and Entrata; and 3). Increase the client's bottom line with 30%-50% cost savings. REA 150 team members are accounting and technology experts who are 100% specialized in real estate. Every client has four key individuals assigned to a client's account, from a staff account to a controller, and they leverage AI and other software solutions to ensure the client's functionality and operational efficiencies. REA has a client base of combined residential and commercial units benefitting from the accounting services. REA continues to assist many residential and commercial real estate clients, doubling in size from 2022 to the present, and Mark continues to extraordinary upside demand heading in 2024. Viewers can learn more about it at or scan the QR code displayed during the show - The interview will air on Bloomberg TV, episode 538, on December 16, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET, and the FOX Business Network, episode 539, on December 18, 2023, at 10:30 PM PT.

Internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert Alain Ghiai, CEO, Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) (Sekur®) and New to The Street TV Host / Multi-media Journalist Ana Berry present the "Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security – The Weekly Hack" segment. Ana and Alain discuss the topic of the recent hacking and the theft of data at well-known casino properties, Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts. The hack occurred from a source in the USA, and the FBI is still investigating the crime. Alain says casino data is valuable, providing information like names, addresses, hotel stay particulars, and other private info. Most likely, the hackers are selling stolen data on the "Dark Web." Even if you haven't been to these Las Vegas properties recently, data from years ago was probably on the servers when stolen. At the onset, it looked like the hack came from an email; casinos and other businesses, unfortunately, use open-source email platforms. The best option is to have a secure Sekur Private Data Ltd email platform. Sekur offers a new product, SekurRely, software that allows management and other C-suite executives a private and secure email communication platform. Unique to Sekur, the product enables splitting a business domain, allowing emails on Sekur's platform without limiting the domain's other emails on other platforms. The product comes with SekurMail's SekurSend/SekurReply feature that invites electronic communication on Sekur's closed-loop encrypted platform. The recipient must not be a Sekur subscriber to enjoy the security and privacy features of the product. Subscribers can send emails with time limits, password protection, and other time-out features to enhance privacy for themselves and the recipient. SekurMail has two alias email addresses used for general emails, not for transmitting private data. Alain also recommends its SekurVPN services, which allows end-users to appear always as operating in Switzerland, masking a subscriber's internet footprint. IP addresses are private under Swiss privacy laws. Any data mining or reselling of information is a significant violation in Switzerland, the strictest privacy law in the world. Alain again informs viewers that Sekur Private Data, Ltd. wholly owns and controls its Swiss base servers, never sells data, never mines data, never asks for phone numbers, never uses 3rd party providers, and never tracks internet traffic. The Company is offering PROMO CODE: PRIVACY that gives 15% savings toward monthly and yearly subscriptions to any of its services. Viewers, please tune in next time for the newest cybersecurity topic on the "Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security– Weekly Hack" segment. The on-screen QR code is available during the shows to download more info or visit Sekur Private Data, Ltd., http:/ and Privacy has arrived!

About EquitySet, LLC (

EquitySet, LLC. ( focuses on providing tools that allow individual retail investors to customize what to see and how to see information, aiming to offer better visualizations around the data consumed. The Company's website, provides charts, visuals, and stats bundled together to help provide powerful investment insights while still being easy to understand. The platform empowers retail investors with powerful tools, insights, and education. The product has numerous features to help investors keep track of finding new opportunities. Disclaimer: EquitySet, LLC. is a research-only platform, gives no investment advice, never offers buy/sell recommendations, and is not by a broker, a dealer, or a registered investment adviser. -

About Drinique:

Drinique is a woman-owned, family-run business with unbreakable drinkware products "Made in the USA." For 16 years in business, Drinique has been known worldwide and has had the pleasure of collaborating with legendary luxury brands such as Fontainebleau, Wynn, SLS, Drais, and Hakkasan; to develop many of the unique drinkware designs available today. Drinique ships products to the world's best and biggest hotels, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, cruise lines, and corporate campuses globally. With great success in the hospitality space came a growing demand from the retail consumer market for commercial quality, unbreakable, BPA-Free drinkware that is beautiful and sustainable -

About Hempacco Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: HPCO) ($HPCO):

Hempacco Co., Inc.'s (NASDAQ: HPCO) ($HPCO) goal is Disrupting Tobacco's™ nearly $1 trillion industry with herb and hemp-based alternatives to nicotine cigarettes by manufacturing and marketing herb, spice, and cannabinoid smokables and rolling paper. Hempacco owns The Real Stuff™ functional hemp cigarette and rolling paper brands. Hempacco's operational segments include smokables and hemp rolling paper manufacturing, smokable technology development, The Real Stuff™ brand of functional smokables and rolling paper, and Cheech & Chong Hemp Cigarettes and Hemp Hop Smokables with Rick Ross, and Snoop Dogg joint venture of hemp-derived products, "Dogg Lbs." Learn more at and order products at

About REA (

REA provides outsourced bookkeeping services to help property managers ensure every transaction is accounted for, there are never any inaccuracies in their financial reports, and everyone involved with a property gets paid on time. REA was built from the ground up with the real estate investor and property manager in mind, helping minimize the complexities of real estate accounting so they can focus on building thriving portfolios and achieving lasting success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. REA becomes a client's in-house accounting team at a fraction of the cost and provides customer service that is second to none in the industry. What differentiates REA from other accounting & bookkeeping firms is that they specialize in real estate, and their team comprises accountants who know the industry's intricacies. They can also work with best-in-class technology solutions like Appfolio, Yardi, Entrata, Rent Manager, and more. REA can deliver value in a matter of weeks, helping clients make the most of all their investments.

About Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) ($SWISF):

Sekur Private Data, Ltd. (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT0) ($SWISF) is a cybersecurity and internet privacy provider of Swiss-hosted solutions for secure communications and secure data management. The Company distributes a suite of secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, document management, encrypted emails, and secure communication tools. It sells its products through its websites,, approved distributors, and telecommunication companies worldwide. Sekur Private Data, Ltd. serves consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide - https:/ and; Twitter: @sekurprivate.

About New to The Street:

New to The Street is an FMW Media production that operates one of the longest-running US and International sponsored and syndicated Nielsen-rated programming television brands, "New to The Street." Since 2009, New to The Street has run biographical interview segment shows across major U.S. television networks. The Nielsen-rated and sponsored broadcast programming platform reaches millions of homes in the US and international markets. FMW's New to The Street show appears on Bloomberg and the FOX Business Network as sponsored programming. FMW is also one of the nation's largest buyers of linear television, long and short-form paid programming -

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