Zyter|TruCare Launches TruCare Mobile in 10.2 Release

Rockville, Maryland, Dec. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zyter|TruCare, a leader in healthcare technology solutions, announces the launch of TruCare Mobile, the cornerstone of its 10.2 Release. This development marks a significant step in Population Health Management, emphasizing the company's commitment to reshaping the landscape of digital healthcare and advancing value-based care. The 10.2 Release, complemented by software enhancements, affirms Zyter|TruCare's dedication to transformative change in Population Health Management. 

Revolutionizing Patient Care with TruCare Mobile 

TruCare Mobile, part of the 10.2 Release, transforms how healthcare professionals deliver care. Designed to meet the demands of a mobile-first world, the solution offers robust functionality for remote care management, ensuring uninterrupted patient care, even in areas with limited internet connectivity. TruCare Mobile integrates essential features such as real-time updates, offline synchronization, and mobile assessments, directly enhancing healthcare provider capabilities. This development bridges traditional healthcare and the virtual-first paradigm, positively impacting population health outcomes. 

Reflecting on this milestone, Kevin Riley, President & Chief Executive Officer of Zyter|TruCare, states, “As the healthcare landscape embraces remote work and a growing emphasis on home-based care, the launch of TruCare Mobile represents our commitment to enhancing the human experience. This new launch exemplifies our dedication to creating solutions that empower health plans, providers, and patients while fostering TruCare from anywhere, at any time.” 

Further Advancements in the 10.2 Release 

In addition to TruCare Mobile, the 10.2 Release introduces advanced enhancements aimed at elevating the standard of care and operational efficiency: 

  • Streamlined Utilization Management: The 10.2 Release brings significant improvements to the TruCare Utilization Management module, refining cumbersome healthcare processes with features like automated compliance date calculations, tailored task automation, configurable compliance turnaround times, and a reduction of manual errors, all contributing to a more efficient and reliable utilization management workflow. 
  • Precision Medication Management: The 10.2 Release includes enhancements in the TruCare Medication Management module, simplifying the medication review process, automating tasks, and revamping the interface for greater intuitiveness and user-friendliness. Additionally, enhanced oversight in Quality Measures ensures precise documentation, translating to an elevated quality of care for patients. 
  • Upgraded User Experience: The 10.2 Release includes a transformative upgrade in the application’s user experience influenced by human-centered design principles. This upgrade encompasses a more intuitive navigation system, seamless web and mobile synchronization, consistent font and color schemes across platforms, and adaptive design for various devices and screen sizes. 

These advancements underline Zyter|TruCare's commitment to healthcare innovation, continuously introducing solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and the patient and member populations they serve.  

About Zyter|TruCare 

Zyter|TruCare™ offers purpose-built software and services designed for payers, providers, and public health organizations, facilitating effective management of value-based care delivery universally. Key offerings include: 

  • Insights Health: Outcomes and performance management analytics and AI for companies caring for at-risk populations, ensuring high-quality care while reducing the cost of healthcare delivery. 
  • Population Health: Combines analytics-informed Risk Stratification, Care Management (Care Gaps, Barriers to Care, and Care Opportunities), Medication Management,
Utilization Management, and more on a single platform. 
  • Virtual Health: Extends our Population Health offering with Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, and omnichannel Communication capabilities on a single platform. 
  • Connected Health: Integrates our Population Health and Virtual Health solutions with any of our customers' ecosystems using native interoperability and APIs. 

In addition, Zyter|TruCare™ industry experts work with your teams to drive digital transformation, helping your teams determine the model that best fits your organization and your strategy. We offer software support, consulting, and managed services with our world-class software.  Zyter|Trucare's consulting services offerings comprise multiple complementary disciplines, including Program Management, Business Consulting, Clinical Consulting, and Technical Consulting. In addition, we also offer comprehensive software support services and managed services for your technology needs.   



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