Rapsodo Launches Golf App Update Introducing New Features to Premium Members

The new features include a cloud-based portal to view data, multiplayer simulation rounds and enhanced elevation graphics

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rapsodo, the company known for leading the revolution to affordable, pro-grade sports technology to help athletes play like never before, today announces new updates to the mobile apps for the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) and Mobile Launch Monitor 2 PRO (MLM2PRO™) which Premium Members can now enjoy with their subscription.

The first new feature is R-Cloud – a web-based platform that allows users to have access to their entire performance history for MLM and MLM2PRO™ sessions. The platform can be accessed through a sign-on portal at rapsodo.com. Users are able to customize their data as well as export it. The platform is available for users with an MLM or MLM2PRO™ Premium Membership. If a user has both products, they will need an active subscription for both products to access data from both MLM and MLM2PRO™.

The Rapsodo simulation software, Rapsodo Courses, has also received an upgrade to allow for the ability to have multiplayer rounds. This means friends can play and compete against each other while using Rapsodo Courses. The simulation orientation has also been changed from portrait to landscape. Additionally, Rapsodo Courses now feature enhanced elevation graphics to allow for a more realistic look.

Rapsodo Range has also gone through upgrades to provide more customization as well as informative data capture and performance reporting. The experience will be more immersive with displays designed for phones and tablets. Users will also be able to set a target at any distance to have a focused range experience, so they can set target yardages that need the most attention and see how many shots hit the designated target and each shot’s average proximity to the designated target. There is also an updated shot list displayed in each session to review data and target performance.

“These upgrades prove our commitment to continuously providing the most advanced technology to golfers at every level,” Rapsodo Director of Golf Shawn Curtis said. “These new features will allow athletes to play like never before, and we’re confident users will be thrilled to see the advancements we’re making to allow athletes to get the most out of every hitting session.”

The MLM and the MLM2PRO™ can be purchased on www.rapsodo.com.

About Rapsodo:
Rapsodo is a sports vision technology company that gives athletes everywhere the tools they need to play like never before. Rapsodo prides itself on accessible precision, delivering professional-grade products at more affordable price points to allow athletes everywhere to get the most out of their game. At Rapsodo, category leadership is reflected by its use at the highest level of sport, including MLB, D1 college champions, and multiple PGA Coaches of the Year. Rapsodo's motto of “Play Without Limits™” stems from the belief that every athlete, regardless of skill level, has an untapped potential that can be activated with access to the right tools and the right mindset. In 2019, Rapsodo released its Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM), which was MyGolfSpy’s 2021 Best Personal Launch Monitor and was featured in MyGolfSpy’s 2022 Best Of Golf Awards. In 2023, Rapsodo released the MLM’s successor, the MLM2PRO™, which was featured in MyGolfSpy’s 2023 Best Of Golf Awards and made Golf Monthly’s 2023 Editor’s Choice list. Rapsodo is also an Official Player Development Partner of USA Baseball and the Prospect Development Pipeline. Devoted to growing its business and customer base, Rapsodo was recognized as part of the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in 2021 and 2022. To learn more, visit https://rapsodo.com/.

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Patrick Lloyd
Uproar PR for Rapsodo