Wingie Presents: Travel Insights for 2023

Booking Growth Skyrockets by 95% Year-Over-Year, According to Wingie’s Data

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates and RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As we close out 2023,, the leading travel marketplace, has reported an extraordinary 95% growth in bookings compared to the previous year. This impressive expansion highlights the travel industry's resilience and travelers' increasing eagerness to explore a variety of destinations. In 2023, Wingie users explored 1089 cities in 185 countries.

Data from Wingie highlights the year's trending destinations in the MENA region: Istanbul led with bookings, followed closely by London, Zurich, Dubai, and New York. The most frequented travel routes included Riyadh to Istanbul, Dubai to London, and Jeddah to London.

The Year's Best Deals: Flight Tickets As Low As 14 USD

In 2023, Wingie continued to forge connections between travelers and their destinations of choice, showcasing some notable statistics:

The year’s most affordable flight was a mere 14 USD from Palma to Madrid, while the priciest ticket reached 12,350 USD for a journey from Istanbul to Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The average transaction value stood at 240 USD.

Solo travelers dominated the scene, with 74% of Wingie’s customers flying solo, while the remainder 26% traveled in groups of two or more.

A significant 67% of bookings were for one-way tickets, contrasting with 33% for round-trip tickets.

Wingie’s user demographics revealed a 63% male to 37% female gender distribution, with 42% of all travelers aged between 19-35 years.

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