Simfoni Amplifies Social Impact with Match-Funding in Support of U.K.’s Shelter Organization

Spend Management Solutions Provider Joins Forces with AVAM Solutions to Drive Charitable Donations to Fight Homelessness

San Francisco, CA, Dec. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simfoni, the fast-growing spend management solutions provider, is reinforcing its commitment to social impact with the launch of a fresh initiative within its charitable 'We Care' program. Working in partnership with AVAM Solutions, Simfoni has launched an initiative to support the UK-based Shelter Organization and committed to match-funding donations to Shelter, highlighting the importance of active corporate responsibility in supporting social causes.

The Shelter Organization: Defending the Right to Safe Housing  

Homelessness in the U.K. is a significant and growing concern. In recognition of this urgency, Simfoni, in alliance with U.K.-based procurement consultancy, AVAM Solutions, will raise funds and awareness for Shelter, an organization dedicated to aiding individuals and families grappling with housing insecurity. Shelter plays a vital role in providing safe housing, advice, and support to those facing housing challenges.

Keith McCabe, Owner of AVAM Solutions has dedicated his popular comic strip ‘Procurement Bert’ to drive increased awareness and support to this initiative, reinforcing the message that change can be driven in diverse ways. ‘Procurement Bert’ is currently sponsored by Simfoni, with 100% of the sponsorship funds donated to Shelter.  

“Homelessness is a pressing issue in the UK, and we at AVAM Solutions are excited to join forces with Simfoni to bring needed support to the local community. Together, we believe in the power of collective action to make a positive change and ensure a brighter future for those who are less fortunate,” said McCabe.  

Simfoni’s ‘We Care’ Program: Double Your Impact 

The ‘We Care’ program epitomizes Simfoni’s unwavering commitment to fostering positive societal and environmental change by actively supporting employee volunteer work for local charities and broader initiatives. We Care aims to create a better world through responsible leadership and transformative change.

"I am deeply gratified by the impact of our 'We Care' program and its unwavering commitment to driving change across the globe. Our joint venture with AVAM Solutions and The Shelter Organization stands as a testament to our firm belief in the power of collaborative efforts to address the pressing issue of homelessness. Through matching funds and encouraging active engagement, we are determined to spark a wave of beneficial change. Keith [McCabe]'s 'Procurement Bert' comic strip brilliantly illustrates how art, humor, and corporate backing can unite to support a worthy cause, highlighting our collective ability to shape a fair future for all," said Chirag Shah, Founder and Executive Chairman at Simfoni.

Simfoni has committed a standard, repeating monthly contribution to Shelter and will match all outside contributions for the next 12 months.

Learn more about the Shelter Organization and donate at

To learn more about Simfoni’s We Care program, and other active charitable initiatives, please visit

About Simfoni  
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About Shelter  
Shelter exists to defend the right to a safe home and fight the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and society. Shelter believes that home is everything. Learn more at

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