Hong Kong’s Largest Ever New Year Countdown Firework Musical to Welcome 2024

(Hong Kong Tourism Board provides satellite live feed and social media livestreaming of countdown celebrations at Victoria Harbour. Scroll down for details.) 

TORONTO, Dec. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the world eagerly anticipates the arrival of 2024, all eyes will turn to Hong Kong for the city's largest New Year's Eve firework display on December 31, 2023 (Sunday). Set against the iconic Hong Kong skyline, spectators will be treated to a 12-minute firework musical, surpassing any previous New Year's Eve displays in the city in both coverage and duration.

As the clock inches closer to midnight, the façade of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) will be adorned with a large-scale countdown clock. At midnight, the numerals 2024 will light up the harbourfront building, setting off a synchronized extravaganza featuring a breathtaking display of fireworks, a harmonious blend of artistic fusion music and a vibrant light show. This spectacle will fill audiences worldwide with hope and joy as Hong Kong sets the stage for a remarkable beginning of 2024.

The fireworks will take audiences on a captivating journey through the four seasons, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life and the promise of new beginnings. From the serene beauty of winter to the vibrant colours of summer, the pyrotechnics will embody the essence of each season. The accompanying music, thoughtfully curated to enhance the immersive experience, will evoke the mood of each season and further enhance the spectacle.

The grand countdown will ignite a mesmerizing audiovisual experience, blending energetic electronic beats, enchanting classical melodies, and the rich timbres of traditional Chinese instruments. This artistic fusion of music represents Hong Kong's unique blend of old and new, bridging Eastern and Western cultures in a captivating display.

To enhance the atmosphere to its peak at midnight, a pre-show wish-making session will occur every 15 minutes from 11:00 PM (10:00 AM EST, 7:00 AM PST). Pyrotechnics will shoot from the rooftops of three prominent harbourfront high-rises on Hong Kong Island, illuminating the sky in four colours, symbolizing love, health, happiness, and wealth for 2024.

The New Year countdown spectacle will be shared with viewers worldwide, extending the celebration's global reach through satellite broadcast.

Information of Video and Image Download 

Members of the media can download photos and videos from the below link: 

  • Reference images of Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations are available for download at the link above. 
  • Post-event video footage and photos of Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations will be available for download from January 1, 2024, 03:00 Hong Kong Time (December 31, 2023, 14:00 EST/ 11:00 PST). 

Information of Satellite Live Feed of “Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations” 

1. Details of Satellite Feed for Broadcasters: 

Signal testing time

Dec 31, 2023

20:00-20:15 Hong Kong Time/
07:00-07:15 AM EST/
04:00-04:15 AM PST
Live feed time
Dec 31, 2023

23:45-24:12 Hong Kong Time/
10:45-11:12 AM EST/
07:45-08:12 AM PST
Technical supportTel: (852) 2888 1944/ (852) 2883 2867

IntelSat 34, 55.5 degrees West (covering the Americas)

  • Programme name: New Year Countdown Event  
  • On-air date & time: 31/12/2023 (10:45-11:12AM EST/07:45-08:12AM PST) 
  • Satellite: IntelSat 34 (55.5°WEST) / C-band 
  • Transponder: 15C Slot B (9MHz) 
  • Uplink Frequency: 6275.523 MHz (Horizontal) 
  • Downlink Frequency: 4050.523 MHz (Vertical) 
  • Symbol Rate: 7.2 Msps 
  • FEC: 3/4 
  • Video Format: HD 1080i / 59.94 4:2:0 
  • Aspect Radio: 16:9 
  • Audio Assignment:  
  • Program Mixing (L Stereo) (MPEG1 Layer II) 
  • Program Mixing (R Stereo) (MPEG1 Layer II) 
  • Program Mixing (L Stereo) (MPEG1 Layer II) 
  • Program Mixing (R Stereo) (MPEG1 Layer II) 
  • Modulation: DVB-S2 / 8PSK 
  • Pilot: ON 
  • Roll Off: 0.2 
  • Encoding Bit Rate: 14.0 Mbps (MPEG4 H.264) 
  • Encryption: NIL – Free to Air 

2. Details of Social Media Livestreaming: 

Social Media Platforms

Livestreaming timeDec 31, 2023

23:55-24:12 Hong Kong Time/
10:55-11:12 AM EST/
07:55-08:12 AM PST

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Jorge Lee 
Tel: (416) 366-2389 ext 206 
Carol Lam 
Tel: (416) 366-2389 ext 201 

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