Curex Revolutionizing Allergy Immunotherapy with Telehealth and Home-Delivered Allergy Drops

New York,NY, Dec. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allergy sufferers looking to treat their allergies without the pain and inconvenience of weekly visits to their doctor now have an ally in an at-home allergy offering developed by Curex.

Curex Allergy Immunotherapy, Allergy Drops

Online allergy clinic, Curex, is transforming how allergies are treated in the US with its affordable convenient alternative to allergy shots.

Allergy immunotherapy is a proven approach to treating allergies, offering the promise of long-lasting relief. In contrast to traditional allergy medication that focus merely on alleviating symptoms, immunotherapy aims to tackle the root cause of allergies by desensitizing the body to specific allergens. However, conventional allergy immunotherapy often involves frequent in-person visits to an allergist's office, adding a time-consuming and inconvenient aspect to the treatment. Studies have shown that up to 75% of allergy sufferers discontinue allergy shots due to these challenges. But now, there is a better way.

Curex offers an improved method of desensitization from allergies through its safe, effective, and convenient at-home alternative to traditional allergy shots. Curex's allergy immunotherapy treatment ensures long-term relief and includes the same composition as allergy shots, with the sole distinction being that it's administered sublingually (under the tongue).  Moreover, Curex is competitively priced, with an average cost 62% lower than that of shots. Curex accepts major insurance plans and offers a self-pay option as well. The convenience of this approach results in three times better adherence to the treatment, and Curex anticipates that this will eventually yield significantly improved outcomes compared to allergy shots.

Allergy sufferers seeking relief through Curex must first share some details about their symptoms, allowing Curex’s doctors to facilitate an allergy test.  Most people can undergo testing conveniently at home, either with the assistance of a medical professional who visits them or by using a testing kit shipped to their home for the collection of a small blood sample. Once the lab concludes the test, patients will receive personalized treatment recommendations, including a prescription for allergy immunotherapy.

Upon beginning treatment, a pharmacy will formulate personalized sublingual allergy drops for the customer and dispatch them directly to the customer's home.

Sublingual immunotherapy is gluten-free and formulated from all-natural clinical-grade allergen extracts. Suitable for adults and children aged 5 years and older, it effectively addresses allergies triggered by pollens, cats, dogs, molds, dust mites, grasses, and weeds. The treatment is versatile, allowing administration anywhere, and optimal results are achieved through consistent usage.

Curex was founded by Gene Kakaulin and Charles Jacoby, who both suffer from allergies. Like many allergy sufferers, Charles and Gene were averse to allergy shots. Motivated by their need for a superior alternative, they realized that allergy immunotherapy extended beyond shots. The sublingual immunotherapy program was developed from extensive research and collaboration with pharmacists and allergists. Since then, the company has served over 150,000 satisfied users. Among those customers is Kelly, who suffered from cat allergies. Faced with the challenge of dating a man with a cat, she turned to Curex for relief, envisioning a future with him. Within three months, her symptoms were alleviated, allowing her to interact with the cat without any allergic reactions.  Today, they're happily married.

Another Curex customer, Lauren, said: "Curex fits my life way more than allergy shots, especially since I travel frequently. I've already noticed an improvement in my symptoms compared to where I started, and it's a relief not to be on any allergy medications for once."

In the spirit of transformative relief, Curex continues to redefine allergy management, providing solutions that resonate with individuals like Kelly and Lauren, fostering not just symptom alleviation but the creation of fulfilling, allergy-free lives.

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