China Passenger Car Driving-parking Integrated Solution Industry Report 2023: Driving-parking Integrated Solutions that Emphasize Perception Over Maps are Becoming Mainstream

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Research on driving-parking integration: with the declining share of the self-development model, suppliers' solutions blossom.

Local suppliers lead the driving-parking integration market.

The statistics of the publisher show that from January to May 2023, the installations of driving-parking integrated solutions in production vehicle models were 490,000 sets, soaring by 138% on a like-on-like basis, and the installation rate hit 6.7%, up 3.8 percentage points over the same period last year. It is predicted that the installations in 2025 will reach 6.19 million sets, and the installation rate will be 30%.

In terms of driving-parking integrated domain controller suppliers, from January to May 2023, automakers' products built by way of "self-development + OEM" prevailed in the market, with a combined 52.4% share. The typical automakers that adopted the self-development model were emerging carmakers like Tesla and NIO.

From the shares of passenger car driving-parking integrated domain controller suppliers, it can be seen that the share of the "self-development + OEM" model declined from 77% in 2021 to 52.4% in the first five months of 2023. It shows that suppliers are becoming mainstream. In the driving-parking integration market, the solutions of suppliers tend to be diversified and abundant.

Local Tier 1 suppliers lead the driving-parking integrated solution market for the following reasons:

Local suppliers have deployed driving-parking integration early and made continuous efforts to improve their hardware and software full-stack development capabilities. For example, Desay SV has started to make layout in the driving-parking integration market since 2020, and has become a supplier that integrates the 'hardware + underlying software + middleware + system integration' capabilities. At present, the mass-produced Super Park 1.0 solution delivers a parking space recognition accuracy of 97% and a parking success rate of 95%, covers over 180 types of mainstream parking spots, and supports head-in parking; for unconventional parking spaces, the custom AR parking allows users to deal with in stride.

Local suppliers provide flexible and open cooperation models to meet the differentiated and customized needs of OEMs. For instance, the Baidu Apollo Self Driving Openness White Paper Baidu released in April 2023 indicates four key capabilities: open product experience definition for automakers, open independent experience evolution, open full-cycle OTA services, and open co-creation with car manufacturing partners. Freetech takes the ODIN intelligent driving digital base as the pillar and deploys products and solutions in each module, providing modular services.

The product iteration is fast and responds to the local market needs more quickly. Examples include Haomo.AI's HPilot, a passenger car driving assistance solution that has undergone six OTA updates since its release in 2020 and has been iterated to HPilot 3.0, with its advanced intelligent driving capabilities covering three major scenarios: highway, parking, and city open roads.

With regard to the adaptability of chip platforms, some suppliers can cover a number of mainstream chip platforms of NVIDIA, TI, Horizon Robotics and the like. In HoloMatic's case, the platforms it has adapted or is adapting to include TI TDA4, Huawei MDC610, Horizon Journey 2/Journey 3/Journey 5, and NVIDIA Orin.

The mass adoption of driving-parking integration starts in 2023.

Starting from 2023, driving-parking integrated solutions enter the stage of mass adoption. According to the planning of suppliers, there are up to 20 mass production projects from 2023 to 2024.

For example, Aptiv's driving-parking integrated solution launched in April 2023 can be divided into Core and Pro versions by configuration. Wherein, the sensing system of the Pro version packs Aptiv's next-generation 4D imaging radar, and thus enables NOA and VPA functions. Its driving-parking integrated domain controller solution will be mass-produced and become available in 2024.

Amphiman 3000, Zongmu Technology's driving-parking integrated solution unveiled in July 2022, is based on one J3 chip, and supports the basic configuration of 1R5V12U, which can be extended to 3R5V12U or 5R5V12U. This solution enables HWA/ALC driving function, APA/RPA parking function, AVM (around view monitor)/reversing camera, power-duration curve (PDC) optimization, backtrack, and customized parking spaces. The solution is scheduled to be mass-produced in 2023.

Hong Jing Drive's driving-parking integrated solution introduced in December 2022 is based on one J3 chip and supports 5R5V12U. This solution enables NOP-H driving and APA/remote parking functions. In the future, it can be upgraded to support home-zone parking assist. It is also expected to be spawned in 2023.

According to OEMs' planning, a number of models equipped with driving-parking integrated solutions will be available on market in 2023 and beyond.

For example, in 2023, Chery EXEED VX (Lanyue) with iDC Mid Domain Controller is already on sale; the GAC Hyper GT with HoloMatic's driving-parking integrated intelligent driving system has been launched on market; BYD will sell a model in cooperation with Horizon Robotics (Journey 5); Great Wall Motor will launch the new Mocha DHT-PHEV and the WEY Blue Mountain both equipped with HPilot 3.0; the new Voyah FREE with the Apollo Highway Driving Pro solution will be available on market in H2 2023.

In 2024, FAW Hongqi E001 and E202 are expected to be mass-produced and will pack a driving-parking integrated domain controller based on the Huashan-2 A1000L series chips. In addition, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle's first all-electric sedan and first all-electric SUV, as well as several SOL-branded production models, will also bear the Huashan II A1000 chips.

Driving-parking integrated solutions that emphasize perception over maps are becoming mainstream.

At present, Haomo.AI, IM Motor, Li Auto, Baidu, Pony AI, QCraft.AI, AutoBrain, DeepRoute.AI and DJI among others have revealed driving-parking integrated solutions with "more weight on perception, less weight on maps.

For example, HPilot 3.0, a city NOA product Haomo.AI unveiled in April 2022, supports 5R12V12U2L, and relies on the LiDAR + radar + camera perception capability, riding itself of HD maps. This solution enables such functions as automatic lane change for overtaking, traffic signal recognition and vehicle control, complex intersection passing, and unprotected left/right turn in urban environments.

Haomo.AI's timing-based Transformer model allows for virtual real-time BEV mapping, bringing more stable and accurate perception outputs. Additionally, Haomo.AI also puts forward introduction of Transformer into its MANA data intelligence system, and gradual use of it in real road perception tasks, including obstacle detection, lane line detection, drivable area segmentation, and traffic sign recognition.

Furthermore, Haomo.AI forged a partnership with Navinfo in April 2023. Navinfo will help Haomo.AI to implement the plan of launching City NOH in 100 cities in an orderly manner in 2024.

Key Topics Covered:

Overview of Driving-parking Integration

  • Definition and Installations
  • Development Drivers
  • Comparison between Low/Medium/High-level Solutions
  • Architecture Evolution
  • Comparison between Multi-chip and Single-Chip Configuration
  • Multi-vendor Chip Solution Combination
  • Requirements for Single SoC Adaptation to Driving-parking Integration
  • Can Single SoC or Built-in MCU Replace an External MCU?
  • Major Players in Driving-parking Integration Industry Chain, Industrial Division and Competitive Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Installations of Driving-parking Integration

Development Trends of Driving-parking Integration Market

  • Diversified and Open Cooperation Model Cases
  • Impact on Industry Chain Parties (OEMs, Tier 1 Suppliers, Chip Vendors) under Diversified and Open Cooperation Models
  • Comparison between Four Main Cooperation Models Derived from Diversified and Open Cooperation Models
  • Vendors' Full-Stack Integrated Development Solutions May Become Mainstream in Low/Medium Computing Power Markets
  • Comparison of Layout and Mass Production between Driving-parking Integrated & Software and Hardware Integrated Full-stack Developers
  • Cooperation Model Cases: Challenges in the Cooperation Model of Horizon Robotics
  • City NOA Solution Cases that Emphasize Perception over Maps
  • Summary on Single SoC Driving-parking Integrated Solutions
  • The Implementation of Single SoC Scenarios will Be Phased in
  • Data-driven Product Iteration and Optimization Cases
  • Cases of Evolving into Cockpit-driving Integration by Integrating with the Cockpit Domain

Driving-parking Integrated Chip Vendors

  • Horizon Robotics
  • TI
  • Black Sesame Technologies
  • Ambarella
  • Cambricon SingGo

Driving-parking Integrated Domain Controller Suppliers

  • Neusoft Reach
  • Desay SV
  • Freetech
  • EnjoyMove Technology
  • iMotion
  • Technomous
  • Motovis
  • Jingwei HiRain
  • Huawei
  • Foryou Group

Driving-parking Integrated System Suppliers

  • Aptiv
  • Bosch
  • Continental
  • Yuanfeng Technology
  • Zongmu Technology
  • Yihang.AI
  • Hong Jing Drive
  • HoloMatic
  • AutoBrain
  • Nullmax
  • Haomo.AI
  • Luxshare
  • Baolong Automotive
  • SenseTime
  • Voyager Technology
  • Novauto
  • Baidu
  • Qcraft.AI
  • Pony.AI
  • DeepRoute.AI

Driving-parking Integrated Solutions of Main OEMs

  • Hyper GT
  • Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV
  • Baojun Yep
  • Chery EXEED VX (Lanyue)
  • HYCAN V09
  • ARCFOX Hi Version
  • ZEEKR 009
  • Li Auto L9
  • Neta S
  • Xpeng G9

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