Momcozy 2023: A Year in Review, Standing By Moms Every Step of the Way

New York, United States, Jan. 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 2023, the landscape for mothers in the United States was fraught with challenges. To begin, fewer than one-third of those employed in the private sector enjoyed the benefit of paid family leave, forcing many moms to juggle a delicate balancing act between their profession and family life, often without the crucial support they need. Yet, that wasn't the sole hurdle, they also came up against steep childcare costs and workplace obstacles, such as inadequate facilities for breastfeeding.

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At Momcozy, addressing these issues is at the forefront of our mission. Our endeavors, exemplified by initiatives such as the "Just Be a Cozy Mom" campaign and the Breastfeeding Support Program, are designed to offer tangible support. As this year comes to a close, we’re not only proud of what we’ve accomplished; we also feel a profound connection to our role in enhancing the journey of motherhood - making it easier and a lot more joyful. With this in mind, let’s take a look back at our year’s highlights, underscoring our commitment to standing beside moms every step of the way.

"Just Be a Cozy Mom"

One such initiative was our Mother's Day campaign, "Just Be a Cozy Mom," which launched in May as a departure from mere celebration to a global empowerment movement for mothers. A pivotal element of the campaign was our "Cozy Power by Momcozy" TV commercial. This powerful piece brought real mothers' voices and stories to the forefront, sparking a global conversation about the realities of motherhood. 

The campaign invited mothers to share their stories across social platforms using the hashtag #CozyPowerbyMomcozy. This not only fostered a sense of global camaraderie but also highlighted the diverse experiences of mothers, creating a space for mutual support, understanding, and empowerment.

A Summer of Support for Breastfeeding Moms

As summer unfolded, our commitment to supporting breastfeeding moms took center stage. In July, we launched the Breastfeeding Support Program—a comprehensive initiative crafted to provide mothers with everything they need for a successful breastfeeding journey. This program offered accessible educational resources, convenient shopping solutions tailored for breastfeeding mothers and a community support system to connect moms with others on a similar path.

Continued Momentum in August

Our efforts didn't stop there. In August, our dedication to supporting mothers continued with targeted efforts during Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Recognizing the importance of breastfeeding in the early stages of motherhood and infancy, we collaborated with impactful charities and renowned celebrities. Collaborations went beyond mere awareness-raising; they represented a commitment to fostering broader breastfeeding acceptance and support in society. 

To bring moms together, we organized community events providing a platform for shared experiences and learning. Additionally, our product giveaways brought more tangible support to breastfeeding moms to care for breastfeeding moms. We also launched the Cozy Case with a kneading lactation massager, nipple cream, and breastmilk storage bags to care for breastfeeding moms. These activities aimed to destigmatize and normalize breastfeeding, break down barriers and misconceptions while working to make it a more embraced part of motherhood.

A Night of Laughter with Momcozy in November

Then, in November 2023, Momcozy hosted a memorable event in London, "Stand Up for Mums," as part of our commitment to the "Remove Breastfeeding Barriers" campaign. This evening was more than just a comedy show; it was a celebration of motherhood in all its forms. 

We brought together talented comedians who shared stories that made us laugh and nod in agreement, reflecting the shared experiences of moms everywhere. It was a night that highlighted the power of humor in bringing together a community of mothers and supporting them in their journey with laughter and camaraderie.

Wrapping Up the Year with a Holiday Cheer

To conclude the year, Momcozy made a grand appearance at the Mini Market in Austin in December. This event, attracting over 1,000 families for a boutique shopping experience with women and/or mom-owned vendors, was a chance for us to branch out from our usual product offerings and create a unique experience for moms.

Recognizing the stress that the holiday season can bring, we transformed elements of the venue into a sanctuary for mothers by hosting a mother's lounge "Cozy Lounge" and the "Cozy Courtyard" complete with festive hot chocolate and treats. Each space gave moms and their families the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, immersing themselves in a supportive community while gaining valuable cozy holiday tips. Later, Momcozy teamed up with artist mom Victoria Johnson to create illustrations, celebrating the essence of motherhood and the warmth of family. It is also combined with the Momcozy Christmas gift box. The Christmas event encapsulated our year-long effort to support moms, providing a memorable and meaningful conclusion to a year of impactful initiatives.

Momcozy Stands with Moms

As we wrap up 2023, we reflect on how Momcozy has been more than just a brand, but a true companion for moms. The year was all about heartwarming campaigns and supportive programs to bring ease and joy to motherhood.

Entering the new year, our commitment remains rooted in supporting every mom to be their best – a cozy mom. That's Cozy Power by Momcozy!

We wish you a Happy New Year filled with abundant joy and cozy moments. We look forward to joining you for another year of celebrations and supporting the beautiful journey of motherhood! 

About Momcozy 

Since 2018, Momcozy has been bringing the best in comfort to mothers with wearable breast pumps, nursing bras and other mom caring products. Endorsed by 3 million mothers in over 40 countries, Momcozy is a companion to women from pregnancy to early motherhood. With continuous innovation and a commitment to creating cozy designs born from love, Momcozy is growing in reach and impact to make moms’lives easier around the world.


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