ADATA Brings Unlimited Sustainable Innovation to CES 2024

“Innovate for the Future"

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jan. 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ADATA Technology, the world's leading brand for memory modules and flash memory, announces its participation in the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show with its subsidiary high-performance e-sports brand XPG, industrial-grade embedded storage brand ADATA Industrial, and telematics products and services affiliate ATrack Technology. This year, ADATA’s theme will be "Innovate for the Future" with the company booth located at Titian # 2306, The Venetian, Las Vegas, USA from January 9th to January 12th.

ADATA will present three major themed exhibition areas to demonstrate its determination to promote a full range of products and solutions, including the "Sustainability and Cooling Expert Exhibition Area" that showcases industry-leading development in Gen 5 solid-state drive (SSD) cooling and a full range of green storage products manufactured from recycled materials. The "Smart Living Exhibition Area" presents innovative products and industrial-grade solutions for AI and edge computing. ADATA Industrial creates industry-leading CXL (Compute Express Link) memory modules and ATrack Technology provides comprehensive solutions incorporating positioning and imaging functions. Finally, in addition to introducing the XPG DEFENDER WS XXL AI smart workstation, the "XPG Xtreme Gaming Exhibition Area" showcases a new series of gaming chassis, thermal solutions, a full range of power supplies, the latest generation gaming laptops, and peripheral products. ADATA invites consumers around the world to come and experience the exhibit in person!

"Sustainability and Cooling Expert Exhibition" showcases industry's most powerful patented SSD cooling and sustainable green storage solutions
ADATA delivers the best cooling solutions for high-speed SSDs and has built the coolest SSD on the market! Project NeonStorm Gen5 SSD is a perfect combination of double-layer aluminum alloy air ducts and a liquid cooling system with dual fans. This system lowers SSD temperatures by more than 10% compared to fanless Gen5 SSDs, allowing stable and continuous read/write performance up to 14,000/12,000MB/s. In addition, the LEGEND 970 Gen5 SSD offers improved heat dissipating efficiency through patented extruded aluminum fins, surface crystallization, and a built-in fan. The SE920 USB4 external SSD uses a retractable casing, micro-fan, and patented heat dissipation technology to achieve a continuous read speed of up to 3,800MB/s.


As a reflection of the company's spirit of sustainable management, ADATA will launch green storage products, Project ECO Flip and Project ECO Refresh flash drives, in the new year. Their product casings use recycled materials and their manufacture produces 85% less carbon dioxide emissions than previous production methods. This series of products is expected to be packaged using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified materials. ADATA’s ECO series is environmentally friendly inside and out and a testament to ADATA's implementation of corporate ESG philosophy.


"Smart Living Exhibition" presents innovative technology for consumers and professionals while leading AI trends
In response to the rapid growth of AI and smart living, ADATA Technology has launched a series of products to embody "smart living” for consumers and professionals. As the memory card industry leader, ADATA was recognized with the 2023 Best Choice award for its SD 7.0 Express memory card. It also launched SD 7.1 microSD Express and SD 8.0 Express memory cards that can read/write at 1,600/1,300MB/s. These memory cards offer performance comparable to an SSD and gets your smart life moving at full speed!

Highly efficient and durable storage solutions have become an important trend in AI-related industries. ADATA is leading the industry in launching CXL memory modules to expand server memory capacity up to 16TB and improve hardware limits for AI and HPC. It is also exhibiting the first industrial-grade overclocked R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) with a clock speed of up to 6400MB/s, bringing industrial-grade memory into the realm of overclocking. In addition, ADATA Industrial launched a variety of BiCS5 3D(e)TLC storage products and high DWPD enterprise-level SSDs, demonstrating its strong product portfolio and exclusive R&D capabilities and meeting key technical requirements for vertical AI-related applications, while also providing high-speed, large capacity, and low latency solutions for Edge Computing. Furthermore, in order to meet the efficient computing and processing needs of servers in terms of large data, ADATA has also launched extremely high-performance enterprise-class PCIe Gen5 SSDs in EDSFF E3.S/E1.S form factors, featuring the Montitan™ SM8366 controller and supporting the TCG OPAL encryption mechanism and power-off protection technology to ensure smooth server connection during high data flow and provide a strong and stable security mechanism.

ADATA affiliate, ATrack Technology, is exhibiting comprehensive solutions combining GPS positioning and AI vision, as well as asset and consumer tracking product lines that create new value for telematics in asset management and personal safety. The ATrack AW500 smart AI dashcam stands out as a pinnacle of excellence, integrating state-of-the-art hardware and AI capabilities to deliver harsh behavior alerts and driving assistance. This not only improves safety but also enhances visibility and efficiency for service fleets. ATrack devices, with robust edge computing power, extend their application to industrial domains, encompassing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS).
ATrack integrates precise satellite positioning, LTE wireless communication, and proprietary high-efficiency power-saving technology to produce asset management solutions suitable for the long-term and high-frequency transmission of information. In addition to the AS300 compact asset tracker exhibiting at CES, ATrack also offers asset tracking solutions such as the waterproof and long-standby AS500 and the solar-powered AS700, which are perfect for cold chain logistics and container tracking.


" XPG Xtreme Gaming Exhibition" leads the industry with ultimate performance in second-generation Project Zeus AI workstation
XPG’s Xtreme Gaming Exhibition highlights the brand’s dedication to innovation and top-tier performance in both gaming hardware and software development. The three major areas of the exhibition are “XTREME PERFORMANCE WORKSTATIONS,” “XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR,” and “XTREME SAGA, XTREME STYLE” gaming peripherals and notebook products. XPG presents the industry-leading next-generation Project Zeus II and is introducing XPG DEFENDER WS XL smart AI demo, showcasing a compact design that can still run large language models (LLM) with 150 billion parameters, and the XPG DEFENDER WS XXL in partnership with water cooling expert EKWB. The later comes equipped with two XPG FUSION 1600W digital titanium power supplies, delivering 3200W of highly stable and highly efficient power and additional cooling chambers for all new technological configurations.

Each of the four gaming systems on display showcase the ultimate in performance and aesthetics in consumer PC building. Several impressive XPG products are displayed in these builds including the XPG INVADER X PRO, with a frameless all-glass design, and XPG BATTLECRUISER II, now equipped with a USB 4.0 port on the I/O panel. A range of ATX 3.0 compliant power supply units, including XPG’s first ever SFX PSU, showcasing the new standard for gaming caliber power options. In the XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR section, you will also see a variety of cooling options such as the compact XPG HYBRID COOLER, bringing the performance of AIO liquid cooling to the size of an air cooler. You can see the beautiful XPG LEVANTE PRO with a 3.5” LCD screen on the pump, to provide real-time system monitoring data. As ADATA is a leading brand in memory worldwide, you will of course see XPG DRAM on display this year. Project NeonMax is a DDR5 memory module with a whopping 60% of its surface area capable of emitting light, giving it the industry’s largest RGB luminous area on a single DRAM module.

Responding to the market trend of AI PC systems, XPG launched gaming laptops with 14th generation INTEL processors and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace graphics cards – the XENIA 16X and a refreshed XENIA 15G. To highlight ADATA’s DNA, XENIA 15G will be the first in the world to feature an astounding 24TB SSD and 96GB DRAM in a singular competitive laptop to prepare you for the future of computing. Visitors can also experience high-quality sound with XPG PRECOG STUDIO headphones designed with 4.4 mm and TYPE-C connectors. In addition, the XPG Xtreme Saga themed XPG MOJO wireless peripheral ecosystem utilizes Ultra Wide Band technology and its wireless mouse provides the industry’s fastest and most accurate 8K response speed. It is easy to set up personalized wireless mice, headphones, and keyboards through wireless connectors according to gamer preferences, symbolizing the XPG brand spirit of player first, and promising to showcase the most advanced wireless ecosystem of gaming peripheral devices in the industry.

Experience with no lag - ADATA launches online 2024 CES "Innovate for the Future" exhibition
ADATA Technology is also launching its online CES exhibition to allow global consumers to experience ADATA's innovative products without restrictions on geography or timing. In addition, consumers around the world are welcome to participate in the “Discover Your Superpower” event online – from now until January 25, 2024. Choose your favorite CES product, discover your super power, and receive a chance to win $50 Amazon gift cards (five in total). Lead unlimited innovation and move towards a sustainable lifestyle together with ADATA! For more details, please go to the ADATA 2024 CES "Innovate for the Future" website

【ADATA 2024 CES Exhibition Information】
Exhibition Location: Level 2, Venetian, Las Vegas.
Booth No.: Titian # 2306

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ADATA Technology is the world's second-largest manufacturer of DRAM memory and branded solid state drives, ranking 19th among Best Taiwan Global Brands. ADATA's main product lines include memory modules, solid state drives, other consumer-grade memory products, and industrial solutions. The company has also branched into electric vehicles, AI AMR robots, and gaming with its XPG brand. ADATA’s products have garnered wide international acclaim over the years including iF Design, Red Dot Design, and Taiwan Excellence awards. ADATA has also been honored for its commitment to employee welfare and corporate social responsibility, including with “Great Place to Work Certification™” for its Taiwan, US, Brazil, and Mexico offices as well as the “Best Workplaces in Asia™,” “Best Workplaces in Greater China™,” and “Best Workplaces in Taiwan™” awards. Since 2020, ADATA has been continually recognized with the “Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards” and “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” awards. The hummingbird is ADATA's brand mascot. It represents the company's agility and efficiency as well as its pursuit of innovation and commitment to creating a more colorful and intelligent lifestyle for all people. For more information, please visit

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