Tunnl Unveils the Latest State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Report: Notable Surge in Optimism Surfaces Among Top U.S. Policy Influentials

ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tunnl, an issue and cause-based audience intelligence platform specialized in helping advertisers reach influential decision-makers in critical sectors, is pleased to announce the release of the latest edition of its highly anticipated quarterly report, the State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers, new for Q1 2024. This comprehensive report provides unique insights into the sentiments, perspectives, and forecasts of the nation's top 1% of policy influencers and decision-makers, shedding light on the prevailing attitudes surrounding key issues in policy, politics, finance, and stability.

Unlike any previous edition, the Q1 2024 report reveals a notable surge in optimism among U.S. Policy Opinion Makers, marking a significant departure from the trends observed over the past two years Tunnl has surveyed this exclusive group.

Prominent data analyst Brent Seaborn who serves as Tunnl’s Co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer, provides expert analysis within the report. Seaborn's insights offer a nuanced understanding of the factors contributing to the remarkable upswing in optimism and delve into the potential implications for the nation's trajectory in the coming months of this election year.

Highlights from the report include…

  • Unprecedented Optimism: Understand the underlying factors driving this notably positive shift among the people most directly influencing U.S. policy.
  • Top 2024 Election Issues Have Changed: A formerly deprioritized issue made its way to the top five of this report. Find out how voters’ priorities have changed. 
  •  Analysis by Brent Seaborn: Data innovator and Tunnl's Co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer Brent Seaborn brings his expertise to the report, offering valuable context to the report’s findings.

To access the full Q1 2024 State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Report, interested parties can request it here, or by reaching out to Tunnl directly via the provided media contact.

Tunnl is committed to providing unparalleled insights into the opinions, behaviors, and demographics of the nation's top decision-makers, fostering informed decisions and enabling advertisers to create impactful connections that achieve the campaign results they seek.

About Tunnl: Tunnl builds AI-powered audience intelligence for brands, trade associations, and agencies that enables them to identify, understand, and reach the ideal audience for their campaigns based on sentiment toward today’s top-of-mind issues. All of Tunnl's audience intelligence solutions from planning to measurement live inside the Tunnl Platform, designed for advertisers that need to connect with their audience in the most effective and efficient way possible. To learn more about Tunnl, visit TunnlData.com.

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Tunnl's State of the U.S. Policy Opinion Makers Report: All New for Q1 2024

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